Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Voting Woes

I'm not a voting virgin - this will be my second time in voting at a federal election. However, I'm still sitting on the fence on which party I'm going to vote this weekend.

The electorate I live in is a safe Labor seat. Our local Labor candidate is no-where to be found. Their name doesn't spring to my mind immediately. It's embarrassing to admit that.

The Liberal candidate is charming, they've taken the time to mail us glossy brochures in the post - pointing out all the things the Labor's party has done wrong over its three year tenure. While they made the effort to campaign around our local area, something still bugged me.

Maybe it's to do with an event that unfolded a few weeks ago.

I was meandering through the streets of my home town, witnessing an elderly man scavenging the bin and finding a half-eaten pork roll. I decided to get some ice coffee and while I was there, a middle-aged lady with coffee-stained teeth and dandruff-infested hair served me.

I glanced at the poster which had a picture of a potential local candidate. It was hanging on the wall of the cafe. The lady smiled at me and said,
"You should vote for him this election. He's an Asian - only an Asian can understand the hardships we go through".

Digesting what she said, I replied, "Have you tried being Aboriginal?"

The lady had no answer to my question.

Who are you going to vote this election?

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