Monday, January 26, 2009

Fashion News: Chain Store Stuff

  • The new Australian Winter 2009 collection for Nine West is slowly being released in stores. However, if you've noticed Nine West Australia is turning into a bag store, you're right. Their response to the economic crunch is through handbags. Why? They're cheaper make as none of their bags are made of real leather and when it comes to sales time-they don't have to decrease the prices as much as their shoes.
  • Equip Accessories in QVB are closing down soon due to renovations. The closing down date is around March 2009. Shop big time!
  • As you've heard, Shoobiz is closing down 43 out of its 51 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Figgins Group, which also owns Mollini and Midas as well as Shoobiz have stated the closure was due to 'changes in consumer demand'. Good news for us, shoes have been reduced by 50%-so for all you fashionistas out there who like great shoes at an affordable price, Shoobiz is the place to go.
  • Betts Shoe Store in Pitt Street Sydney, are closing down as well. Next door, Zu shoes have opened up its new HQ in Sydney Central Plaza. Again Petites, good time to spend spend spend!
  • As said before, Witchery Men are opening up in March 2009. More details on this later.

Happy Shopping!

Fashion News: Louis Vuitton's Mens Range

Louis Vuitton have launched their menswear range in Paris last Friday. The inspiration? Africa with an Euro-chic flavour said Paul Helbers, designer for LV's menswear range. Now, I'm sure this isn't the 'basics' range the LV execs are harping on about-but it's a start my Petites...a start.

The range included razor cut blazers, sporty nylon jackets, deep v-neck sweaters and slim trousers. The ultimate accessory for men for winter? Lightweight, oversized scarves. Aussie guys, take note!

A sign that LV is opening its doors to the 21st Century is allowing Kanye West design a pair of high-top sneakers for the label. The sneakers are embossed in the LV monogram and come in white, black, beige, blue and red. They'll hit in boutique stores across the northern hemisphere in June 2009. No word if they'll hit Aussie shores.

Communications director for LVMH, Antoine Arnault has said this menswear range is more wearable than previous seasons. Of course, it needs to be if people are tightening their wallets and want clothes which are of 'better value'-i.e. versatile and can be worn...anywhere.

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Fashion News: Louis Vuitton Australia

G'day my fellow Petites! Happy 'stralia day and lunar new year! I'm heading out for a barbie soon, but I can't wait to share this news. I've decided to put up a new section called 'fashion news' and it'll be posted sporadically. Hopefully, I can post this section on a weekly basis.

Anyway, the recession has really fallen off the wheel if a luxury company has decided to become a 'masstige'. If you've read the weekend papers, that's what happened to Louis Vuitton Australia.

Yes, Louis Vuitton-the company famous for its LV monogram has decided to open stores in Westfields Bondi Junction and Chadstone in Melbourne this year. It's the first the company has opened its stores in a shopping centre-but those LV execs realised in order to survive the recession, they needed to widen its customer base to people who aspire to the brand, but can't afford its signature style.

This means LV is launching a men's 'basics' range of jeans, shirts and tops for men. I'm not sure how cheap these will be-I can imagine a plain white t-shirt will cost $200 from LV. If you want good 'basics', go to Target, at least you're getting better value for money.

Though, the idea of a 'masstige' market isn't new. Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Dior have done this through cosmetics ages ago. The smart cookies have realised that they have heaps of customers who aspire to a brand, but they don't necessarily have the money to splurge on a YSL business suit or a pair of Dior heels. Though, they can buy into the brand through cosmetics-especially lip gloss and perfume. Hell, I've got heaps of cosmetics from YSL-including the touche eclat and the eyebrow duo; not to mention Armani Code for Women for Giorgio Armani.

Overall, luxury brands in Australia are doing well compared to their overseas counterparts. Quitessential British brand Burberry have sacked their staff after falling sales. In France, Chanel had to lay off it staff for the same reason. In the US, Cartier and Montblanc have sunk and in Tokyo, Louis Vuitton had to cancel its latest store opening.

That's the biggest news in fashion-land so coming up soon about Aussie chain stores as well.

Buzzing with news,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Witchery are marketing geniuses...

For those of you who don't live in Sydney, here's the scoop. I first read this story on the weekend newspapers where a girl named Heidi Clarke was trying to find the guy who left his jacket at a cafe. Clarke recounts that their cafe order was mixed up with mystery man, with whom she had a short conversation but experienced 'a connection' with.

Now, the Sydney Morning Herald have exposed this as a marketing scam by Witchery, who are soon to promote their men's range of clothing. Heidi Clarke isn't a real person, but a girl who modelled the Spring/Summer 2007 collection for Witchery. People have felt duped by this campaign-leaving negative comments on the website.

The video has now been removed-but I don't care if I felt duped by this whole campaign. In fact, this is marketing genius! Naked Communications and in particular, advertising consultant Jonathan Pease should be congratulated for this. Witchery didn't have to spend money in pulling this campaign and it generated tons of publicity.

The acting was atrocious, the model should never ever give up her day job. But I can't wait to see Witchery's new men's range soon!
Watch the footage here.

Over and out,
5ft0 is one of the websites to watch in 2009. The creators of this website are sisters Nedahl and Aliessa Stelio. If the name rings the bell, Nedahl Stelio was the former editor of Cleo and her sister, Aliessa runs Symbol PR. Their aim? To bring you guys affordable fashion products made in Australia.

Right now, Ruby Smallbone and Peter Lang are having their sales. Great Aussie brands at a decent price. Here are my favourites:

Ruby Smallbone High Waisted Purple Skirt-was $210, now $99

Peter Lang Pearl and Ladybug necklace-was $239, now $169

The sale ends Thursday 29th January. Enjoy!

Happy shopping!

Maximillia Final Sale

Maximillia are having their final summer sale, with 30-70% off all stock.

Brands include Kate Walker, Sretsis and Gail Sorronda.

My pick?

Twentysevennames-Country Denim Waistcoat, was $206, now $154.50

I adore waistcoats-they make any outfit look polish. It's going into my wardrobe soon!

Happy shopping!

"They're not fake, they're artificial recreations".

I went into Westfield's Parramatta yesterday with the intention in going to the Groove store and pick up jewellery for a mere 75 cents.

I hadn't been to Parra in a while, and was surprised that my bargain store had been closed down-with another shop put in place.

I can't remember the name of the store, but it sold costume jewellery and bags. On closer inspection, the bags displayed were counterfeit designer bags. Like this elegant Chanel 2.55. I asked the sales assistant how much the bag cost, "It's $99. We don't think they're fake, but they're artificial recreations."

I couldn't justify spending $99 on a bag that smelt like PVC glue-nor do I buy a bag with shoddy craftsmanship. I glanced at other 'artificial recreation' bags around the store, there were a few Jimmy Choo bags with a tag price blazing $400 and a Louis Vuitton denim bag which was around $450. After seeing all of this on display, I ran out of the store.

Personally, I'd buy a real bag because at least I know the product being made isn't going to help the thieves fund their counterfeit business. For those who love buying counterfeit goods, especially designer bags-you've got good taste, but I'm sure you're just a fake yourself.

Rant over,

Monday, January 19, 2009

As Seen On Screen

I've been surfing on the web for a while and came across this great website. It's called and it stands for As Seen On Screen. The range is epic and they have a section dedicated to petites as well.

The only downside to this is it's in English pounds. With our current Aussie dollar, the cost of the clothing and/or accessories as well as shipping would be hefty.

I'm really digging this jacket for winter:

Military Fit and Flare Mac-$AU118

The Aussie equivalent to is Their range isn't as huge as ASOS, but it's worth having a look. With a flat rate delivery of $8.50-it won't break your budget.

Happy shopping!

New Season Clothes-Witchery

Gosh, those peeps at Witchery are doing a stellar job in producing great clothes. They've introduced their new season, on the first week of January and already people are falling in love with it.

I have been told this dress has been selling like hot cakes and the great thing suits petites as well. My suggestion? Buy this or layby it immediately, sizes 8 and 10 sell out quickly.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I spent way too much...

With shops such as Shoobiz closing 43 stores across Australia, I feel guilty about my shopping purchases.

I spent $57.45 yesterday.

I originally went down to Woolies to buy milk, 1kg of tomatoes, pasta, cabanossi, lettuce and Norsca deodorant. My eyes glanced into Suite 62 and with $10 or $20 signs spread across the room, I decided to go in. What did you know? Underneath all that debris, I found a really cute business dress that suits petites!

Cameron Bow Dress, was $59.95-now $20

This isn't the best photo, but it looks great on. I thought the dress looked a bit Chanel without the hefty price tag.

I headed into Sportsgirl and found out this nifty book:
Was $45, now $14.95

The book written by Kira Jolliffe and Bay Garnett have compiled some great interviews from Karl Lagerfield, Mischa Barton and Vivenne Westwood. Get this book right now! Especially since Borders are charging this book at $49, this is a bargain!

Feeling giddly about my first two purchases, my last stop was Equip. I never buy jewellery or accessories at full price, I always go in when there's a sale. Besides who wants to pay $30 for a bag which only cost a mere 50c to produce? I picked up these two things:
Tan Leather Clutch-was $29.99, now $15

Nude silk scarf with bells-was $19.99, now $10

In the space of one hour, I dropped that much money. Then I thought I was doing my little bit for the economy and I saved heaps of money buying these things. Ohh...females and their ability to try and rationalise any purchase as being an investment *sigh*.

Sorry for the lack of posts...

Sorry Petites! I haven't post all week due to work commitments. Been working heaps lately, so I haven't been out and about shopping. But I do have some great news!

One of my favourite stores-Rodeo Show are having a great sale, 20% off all already reduced items! Can't wait to purchase these two:

Lulu Dress

Rabbit tuxedo

Can't remember the exact price of these two items of clothing, but I remember it didn't cost me a month's worth of rent.

To check out their clothes- click here.

They have recently introduced new season stock as well. I'll post them up very soon-oh, my bank account is shrinking by the minute.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Maximilla Summer Sale!

Massive further reductions on the latest Spring and Summer collections as well as last season's stock at Maximilla!

These include popular pieces by Karen Walker, Sretsis and Rebecca Taylor!

My personal favourite? This Mitchell Coat by Mike & Chris:

On sale for $260.40. Save 40%

II find every girl needs a trench coat in her wardrobe. It has a self tie belt at the waist which shows your waist and the double breasted folded collar makes this a classic.

Happy shopping!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Shoes: Affordable vs. Splurge

I'm really coveting this shoe at the moment- it's an open toe shoe in an ivory patent flat by Chanel.

Chanel shoe- Price available on request

I'm not sure how much this shoe costs-but I'm willing to bet it'll cost me a month's salary.

Nevertheless, budget-friendly Nine West have made a similar shoe at a great price. Even better, these shoes are on sale at the moment-so grab them quick before they run out.

Nine West: Icyhot- on sale for $59.50

I find these shoes will suit us petites because the heel itself will give us some height, while the lack of ankle straps gives an illusion of long legs!

Warning!: These shoes are selling out fast-so if you're an Australian size 5.5-6.5, get it now!

Happy shopping!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is a gun shoe suppose to be glamorous?

I'm not sure what to say about this Chanel shoe-designed by Karl Lagerfield. On the one hand, I find it unusual and if you wore these shoes to a trendy club for instance-you sure would be turning heads!

On the other, I was wondering what the hell Mr. Lagerfield was on when he was finalising the designs for Chanel this season. Is a gun heel suppose to be glamorous? To me, guns are synonymous with violence...but maybe I'm a prude?

I'm sitting on the fence with this one Petites. What do you think?

I poo poo Mimco

I'm annoyed about Mimco products at the moment-especially with this fugly bag called the 'Exotic Natural Lady Everyday Bag'. I usually like Mimco products, but with the type of products they're selling lately-they're ripping off customers.

This bag retails for $899 and it boasts to be the best luxury bag-as it uses snakeskin printed, embossed and patent finished Italian leather. Apparently, there are 50 being produced-hence the expensive price. I don't care how expensive it is, you've made snakeskin accessories the most tackiest item ever.

Not only that, I dislike the way Mimco has jacked up prices for products which were once considered affordable. Like your trademark 'Powder Zip Top Button Bag'- it use to retail for $400, then you increased the price to $450. Why oh why? Don't tell me the economic crisis was to blame.

The jewellery is another one of my pet hates-why sell $149 for a piece of jewellery that is gold plated? Don't tell me it's because you're using Swarovski crystals-that's ridiculous. I'd rather go into Diva and Equip for the latest items thanks.

Another thing? While some of your shoes are gorgeous, especially your Thumberlina cane ballet flats in snow schiaparelli- stick with bags and jewellery dear.

Rant over,

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