Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's been a busy two weeks...

I completed my internship at a Television Station. It was unpredictable, exciting and golly, I gained so much knowledge during my two weeks there. The day which will stand out most for me, is the day when Michael Jackson was reported to have died from cardiac arrest. I witnessed all the journalists, producers, lawyers – well everyone at the station working overtime to get the latest news to the public.

My adrenal glands were working overtime; I was running around non-stop, only having time to update my blog – before I was whisked off doing a whole heap of duties. Lunch, I forgot that term existed in the 21st Century as I was engrossed with the amount of tasks in front of me. By 6.00 pm, I realised how hungry I was, so I couldn’t wait to get home – eating lamb shanks, roasted pumpkin and rocket salad for dinner.

The verdict? I’m still torn between media and law, as I worked in both divisions during my tenure there. However, which ever field I decide to head into – I know it’ll be something where I bring enjoyment to people.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett - May you rest in peace.

Hey Petites!

Holy cheese and crackers - the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and Charlie Angel's star, Farrah Fawcett have both passed away today.

I was listening to the radio at 8.00 am whilst commuting to work - "This report hasn't been confirmed, but it is believed Michael Jackson has been reported dead due to a cardiac arrest today". A brilliant entertainer and may he rest in peace.

However, what got me more than Jacko's death - was the way the media reported it. In today's media sphere, television, radio, newspapers, online, bloggers...whatever medium you are in, you want the news published before any other media organisation does.

The need to publish the latest news first hand, has its pros and cons. Pros? Getting the latest information (duh!) Cons? in haste to publishing the latest information, we sometimes jump the gun way too quickly before getting the full story. Instead of waiting for the 'confirmation' of the report, the media jumps on the bandwagon before making sure the information has been 'confirmed'.

What's even more disturbing, photographs of Jackson being rushed to hospital for the heart attack he had earlier in the day. The idea of taking pictures to recount the event seems insensitive to me.

Once upon a time in the media sphere, it would've been icons such as President John F. Kennedy and the late Diana, Princess of Wales who would have received this massive reception. Now? Celebrities of any calibre are receiving this treatment as well. Just think of Anna Nicole Smith and how American news shows from CBS to NBC and Entertainment Tonight spent over a week on her - from her death to the custody of Danni-Lynn.

Maybe I am a 22 year old who's turning way too conservative, but I feel that the media today is rather insensitive in dealing with the passing of a celebrity. I mean, do we really need photos of Jacko taken to hospital?

May you rest in peace,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Style Palace sale

During my lunch break, I was checking out items on Style Palace - which stocks Australian fashion labels such as Bec & Bridge, Lisa Ho and Samantha Willis.

However, this item from Estilo caught my eye:

Estilo large bag: Was $396, Now $158.40

It's 60% off the original price! I love the triangular leather pieces forming a scale-like effect.

However, I have too many bags. Should I purchase this Petites?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

News Report: Generation Z

On Thursday, the Sydney Morning Herald wrote an article about Generation Z and the characteristics and behaviour associated with this age group.

I can hear many readers saying, “There’s a generation Z? Aren’t they still at school?”

To answer the question, yes. Generation Z’s (or Zeds) are people born between 1992-2005. Online virtual world site, Habbo did a global study of around 112,000 people aged between 13-17 years of age. Their conclusion? Zeds are less inclined to travel the world, aren’t attracted to fame and fortune like their Generation Y counterparts are more family-orientated.

This is shown through Zeds consumption habits – Adidas, Nokia and Nike for instance, aren’t rated well with this generation as sales are going down. While brands such as Jay Jays and Sony Ericsson are on the rise.

I find faults in this study. First of all, we’re in this thing called the RECESSION. Zeds at the moment aren’t financially independent – they rely on their parents to support and take care of them. Parents of Zeds are tightening their wallets to purchase necessities such as food and paying off their mortgages, electricity and phone bills. Buying branded clothes such as Billabong is going to be a luxury - while Jay Jays offers casual and trendy clothes at a reasonable price. No wonder why Jay Jays’ sales are rising at the moment.

Another fault is that the survey was only done by members of Habbo. Usually, this will mean users of the website will share similar interests, beliefs and values. This doesn’t reflect on the 13-17 year age group overall.

The idea of grouping people into different generations is absurd. Personally, putting people into groups just makes commentators (or whingers) easier for them to classify an individual’s characteristics because of their generation, and not because it is a flaw in their personality. Here’s a conversation I’d heard in the workplace once:

“Ohh Bob* hasn’t even moved out of home yet! No wonder why he can’t do things by himself!”
“He’s a Generation Y – they expect everything to fall into their lap”.

Did it ever occur to them that Bob* wants to move out of home? The only problem is money. As a Gen Y myself, I want to move out of my parents home and live my own life. Hell, my parents want me out of their place as soon as I graduate from uni (affectionately of course). However, being a full-time uni student and working at a fast food joint for extra moolah isn’t going to be enough for me to survive in the big, bad world.

I think what people forget when they generalise people into different groups is that generation Y, like every other generation is shaped by the events, developments, leaders and trends at the time. For generation Y, we heavily rely on instant communication technologies such as email, instant text messaging, IM, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to communicate with our fellow peers. So of course, our generation would be more susceptible to the need of instant communication.

Though, there are some things that never change. Peer pressure, the need of security – whether personal, professional or financial, fighting for injustice and developing our individuality is something that all generations will experience regardless of the technological development.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Minty Meets Munt, interning and that kinda thing.

Again, I apologise for the lack of regular posts.

I am currently interning at a Television Station. A big, proper television station with cameras, films and journalists frantically running around the office to source their tapes and stories. Though, I'm not dealing with news and current affair par se, more of a legal and online focus. I'll be doing this for the next two weeks and so far, I'm loving it.

Anyway, my Petites, I want you to divert your eyes to the Minty Meets Munt collection. They're currently working on their website as they want people to purchase their products online. If you're in Victoria, you're lucky to have heaps of stores stocking Minty's stuff.

For you New South Welshman people, the closest one has been Coco Pony - Shellharbour. Considering 2/3s of NSW live in Sydney - this is inconvenient. Sportsgirl are currently stocking Minty's stuff under the 'Sportsgirl Likes' bar and here are my favourites:

Peaches jacket - $140
Loving this jacket as it has this vintage, glam rock appeal. Purchased this jacket during my lunch break.

Sgt Peppers Coat - $220
I'm an avid fan of The Beatles and I've always wanted a coat that's been inspired by the Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

These items are clothing suited me perfectly - so for you Petites out there, if you want to add a bit of pizazz to your wardrobe, Minty Meets Munt is perfect for you.

I'll be blogging soon about my internship experience.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rodeo Show are having their sale!

Hey Petites!

Just to let you know, Rodeo Show are having a 15% off sale from everything at their store. This includes sales item. It's only for one day only - and it's TODAY! The sale starts at 5pm and finishes at 8pm.

Sign up as a member right now to get the exclusive invite. You must present this at the door to receive the offer.

The address to Rodeo Show is:
56 Oxford Street,
Paddington NSW 2021

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kookai One-Day Sale

My two-week hiatus consisted me of typing out 12,000 words, drinking eight cans of V and killing fifteen million trees in the process. However, I have completed all of my assignments for the semester and I can finally relax.

Though, I do have something to alert you my fellow Petites. If you love clothes and accessories from Kookai - you're in luck! If you sign up with Kookai today, you'll receive a VIP invitation to go their one-day sale which is on Wednesday, June 10th.

It's up to 50% off all sales items and 20% off on full-priced items.

So, make sure you get out of work early to grab the coolest clothes in town my Petites.

Happy shopping!
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