Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's been a busy two weeks...

I completed my internship at a Television Station. It was unpredictable, exciting and golly, I gained so much knowledge during my two weeks there. The day which will stand out most for me, is the day when Michael Jackson was reported to have died from cardiac arrest. I witnessed all the journalists, producers, lawyers – well everyone at the station working overtime to get the latest news to the public.

My adrenal glands were working overtime; I was running around non-stop, only having time to update my blog – before I was whisked off doing a whole heap of duties. Lunch, I forgot that term existed in the 21st Century as I was engrossed with the amount of tasks in front of me. By 6.00 pm, I realised how hungry I was, so I couldn’t wait to get home – eating lamb shanks, roasted pumpkin and rocket salad for dinner.

The verdict? I’m still torn between media and law, as I worked in both divisions during my tenure there. However, which ever field I decide to head into – I know it’ll be something where I bring enjoyment to people.


x Corrine/Frock & Roll x said...

Wow, what a day that must've been in the newsroom! It really sounds like you're having a fantastic experience (albeit a busy one!), congratulations! :)

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