Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett - May you rest in peace.

Hey Petites!

Holy cheese and crackers - the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and Charlie Angel's star, Farrah Fawcett have both passed away today.

I was listening to the radio at 8.00 am whilst commuting to work - "This report hasn't been confirmed, but it is believed Michael Jackson has been reported dead due to a cardiac arrest today". A brilliant entertainer and may he rest in peace.

However, what got me more than Jacko's death - was the way the media reported it. In today's media sphere, television, radio, newspapers, online, bloggers...whatever medium you are in, you want the news published before any other media organisation does.

The need to publish the latest news first hand, has its pros and cons. Pros? Getting the latest information (duh!) Cons? in haste to publishing the latest information, we sometimes jump the gun way too quickly before getting the full story. Instead of waiting for the 'confirmation' of the report, the media jumps on the bandwagon before making sure the information has been 'confirmed'.

What's even more disturbing, photographs of Jackson being rushed to hospital for the heart attack he had earlier in the day. The idea of taking pictures to recount the event seems insensitive to me.

Once upon a time in the media sphere, it would've been icons such as President John F. Kennedy and the late Diana, Princess of Wales who would have received this massive reception. Now? Celebrities of any calibre are receiving this treatment as well. Just think of Anna Nicole Smith and how American news shows from CBS to NBC and Entertainment Tonight spent over a week on her - from her death to the custody of Danni-Lynn.

Maybe I am a 22 year old who's turning way too conservative, but I feel that the media today is rather insensitive in dealing with the passing of a celebrity. I mean, do we really need photos of Jacko taken to hospital?

May you rest in peace,


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