Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season Greetings m'friends!

Greetings 5ft0s,

Thank you so much for dropping by to this blog - I never expected to have people read this blog, let alone comment on some of my posts.

Right now I'm wrapping approximately 7,000 presents, eating delicious baked ham and downing plum wine. This is my way of celebrating Baby Jesus' birthday. Not to mention my uncle dancing goofy to this entertainer:

Gosh, I feel so superficial admitting this.

Blog wise, I'll sporadically come back to type random posts, but I'll officially restart blogging again on 4th January 2009.

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

All the best,


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Self-Defeating Purpose of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery. The only surgery procedure where patients are allowed to practice their self-diagnosis. These include:

"My thighs touch one another. They jiggle too much."

"I still have eye bags under my eyes".

"My nose looks crooked. It doesn't look straight like Jennifer Aniston's."

These patients are not physically sick, nor are they suffering from a diagnosable disease. Nevertheless, they go to the surgeons and demand to fix up a certain part of their body which they deemed to be a problem. Many patients will show surgeons showing pictures of Jennifer Aniston's nose or Miranda Kerr's cheekbones. At times, I do find it amusing and sad at the same time for these patients, walking into a surgeon's office with absolute certainty that a certain procedure will fix up their ugly bits.

What's unsettling to me is the fact some magazines are reporting on cosmetic surgery and Botox, normalising these procedures even more. I remember flicking through the November 2008 issue of Shop Til You Drop and there was an article titled "Masterclass: Botox". A registered nurse by the name of Rand Rusher who offers advice to those interested in receiving Botox.

When Rusher is asked the question: "When can someone start using Botox?" Her response? "My advice is to do it before you need it, as a preventative measure - it can help to stop wrinkles from arising."

I shook my head at this article. But as Death Wears Diamond Jewellery commented on her recent post, beauty journalists don't have free reign. It all ties in with the advertisers. Sure enough, Rusher was indirectly advertising her own skincare brand, 'Leaf & Rusher'.

Personally, cosmetic surgery is a self-defeating purpose. The aim of cosmetic surgery is too look young and to have a 'better version of yourself'. Many will use cosmetic surgery to physically stop the aging process, but that's impossible. You can't stop aging. However, many are willing to fight this. Why fight something that can't be won?

Happy reading,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Customers think it's all about them

I'm currently working for a fashion chain store in Sydney. The job entails me to fold cardigans. Fold t-shirts. Fold shorts. Rush round after customers who've picked up a skirt and left them lying in the fitting room. Whenever customers crumple a piece of clothing, I have to rush around and put them back again. I don't complain. This is what I'm paid to do.

By ten o'clock, the routine becomes monotonous. It is rather depressing to fold clothes the way the chain store wants it to be. To place different items of clothing into different clothes hangers. At times, I want to scream, "BLOODY HELL! IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BUY IT, DON'T PICK IT UP." I don't. I don't complain. This is what I'm paid to do.

Some customers are polite. Others just see through you when you're a sales assistant. Others simply think you're stupid. I don't complain. This is what I'm paid to do.

However, there are times that you want to laugh at the customer. They put a smile on your monotonous routine. Recently, a lady came up to me, complaining that one side of the shoes was HALF A SHADE LIGHTER than the other. Not to mention, the shoes she's currently holding were identical to the one she already has on.

"You must give me a 50% discount. I like the shoes. It's a shame one half is half a shade lighter than the other," the customer said.
"I'm sorry I can't give you a 50% discount. I can give you a 20% discount," I answered. After all, it was 20% off everything in the store.
The customer's cheeks turned red. Ok, just keep calm. Everyone knows the customer is the troublemaker.
"This is ridiculous! If one side of the shoe is HALF A SHADE LIGHTER than the other, I deserve a huge discount!"
"Is there a problem there?" chimes my manager.
"I want a huge discount for these pair of shoes. One side is HALF A SHADE LIGHTER than the other!"
The customer glares at me, as if I'm some imbecile. The manager sees it and sighs.
"Fine, I'll give you a 30% discount".

The customer begrudgingly accepts the deal. She still mumbles, "They should've given me a 50% discount."

As I place the box of shoes into the bag and hand it to the customer - she still complains. All the other sales assistants look at me and chuckle. I chuckle too.

Happy reading,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shout out: Christian Dior

Hey my fellow 5ft0's!

Are you doing anything interesting this weekend? If you haven't got anything planned this weekend, skip your way to Dior's First-Ever Exclusive Shoe Sale on this weekend. Up to 70% off on more than 1,400 pairs of shoes. Majority of them have never been released in Australia, until now.

Here are the details:
Saturday, 12 December 2009 - 12:00noon to 8:00pm
Sunday, 13 December 2009 - 9:00am to 6:00pm
Monday, 14 December 2009 - 9:00am to 12:00noon
or until sold out.

Hilton Sydney
Level 4
488 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard only
NO cash, Diners or American Express

Terms and conditions:

1. There are no returns, exchanges or refunds if you have changed your mind or if the goods have been damaged by misuse or abnormal use after purchase.

2. Where goods are sold in less than perfect condition, for example where they are shop-soiled, you will be made aware of the fault before you purchase. There are no returns, exchanges or refunds if you proceed with the purchase with knowledge of the fault.

3. It is your responsibility to inspect the goods to your satisfaction before purchasing.

4. No voluntary or express warranties or guarantees are given.

Happy shopping!

Friday, December 4, 2009

How to start on the right foot at your new job...

I get asked this question a lot by friends and acquaintances. Personally, I feel ill-equipped to inform such stuff, as I'm only in my early 20s - but I'll try my best to give a succinct answer to this.

So, it's your first day on the job and you're keen on making a good impression on everyone at work. Because how you present yourself can make or break you.

Here are the right steps in being a kick-ass employee:

1. Treat everyone well: Forget about people's statuses, be polite to everyone. Of course don't be too nice to the boss, you'll definitely be catapulted to the top of everyone's despised list.

2. Avoid areas of gossip: There will be certain areas of the office where people gather around and share juicy tidbits about other colleagues. As tempting it is to gossip about others, it's best to not comment about anyone.

3. Get to work on time:
Never be late! Bosses DO notice people who are punctual. Punctuality refers to attendance and the ability to meet deadlines.

4. Walk an extra mile:
Take on tasks above and beyond the ordinary. Also, stay in the office if a task needs to be done ASAP. Bosses do recognise effort and will think that you're an intelligent, smart and diligent person.

5. Admit to your mistakes:
Take responsibility of actions. If you've done something wrong, it's best to tell the truth. Don't even bother covering up your mistakes or pushing the blame to someone else, it'll backfire you at the end. And no one wants a plan that backfires.

6. Communicate well: Also, let other people speak as well. Don't rush what other people are saying. Sure you may know a lot about a particular subject, but don't shut down on what other people have to say. You could learn a thing or two.

7. Don't be a slacker: If you're boss comes in late for work, it doesn't mean you should either. Do that, you're no better than your boss.

8. Finally, don't buddy up with people just yet. Like high school, just scan the place. You want to make genuine friends, and not people who'll take your tidbits to the gossip table mentioned in step two. If you have a true lunch time, get out of the office by yourself. Though, if your boss asks you out for lunch, you should probably go.

Again, I feel ill-equipped to talk such things, but I hope this helps you out.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5ft0's Birthday

I apologise for the lack of posts last week, or rather, writing no posts last week. I've been working heaps, waking up at 5.30 am to get to work at 8 am. Imagine doing that, six days of the week.

Anyway, today all I've got to say is:


I love birthdays.
I just smile like Cheshire the Cat.
Like this:

And I got this for my birthday:

Oh how silly of me, my friends are taking me to this:

Now, I'll be watching 'The Devil Wears Prada' for the millionth time and drinking lemon and lime bitters simultaneously.

Does it get better than this?

Answer: No.

Happy reading!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Addicted to 90s sitcoms

This is random. I've been watching 90s sitcoms lately. While my top three 90s sitcoms may be controversial, these are my thoughts so don't take them seriously:

1. Friends
2. Seinfeld
3. The Golden Girls

Honorary mentions: The Simpsons and Everybody Loves Raymond.

What I've noticed is that the sitcoms I mention fall into two categories: the classic family sitcom and the 'ensemble sitcom'.

Friends is definitely my favourite 90s sitcom. Who could forget the type Joey's signature quote "How you doin'?" or how Rachel's hairstyle became the most coveted hairstyle? While all those sitcoms listed all have influenced our cultural vocabulary - I do have to say out of Seinfeld and Friends, Seinfeld was revolutionary. It has been completely re-absorbed into our lives. After ten years of being off air, many other shows have taken the Seinfeld template, it's 90-isms and conventions.

With The Golden Girls, the idea was "These people have to live together now, whether they like it or not". This was 66% true with Friends as well, with Joey and Chandler living together and Rachel and Monica living together. But with Seinfeld? They didn't FOLLOW THIS FORMULA. George and Jerry have always been friends. Elaine is Jerry's ex-girlfriend, but the thing is, no one lives together.

Also, no one has a consistent partner, Elaine and George keep on changing jobs, Kramer's schemes don't go anywhere. Seinfeld never makes anything permanent. Take a look at Newman for instance, he is kept as a minor character while successfully spinning his own theories.

With family sitcoms, The Simpsons is a great example pointing out the stupidities of humanity with a little Seinfeldness sprinkled into the mix. Though the difference between Jerry Seinfeld and Matt Groening is that Groening does not known when to quit (or does not care to) and the show has declined for no other reason than the writing no longer produces winning jokes. As far as with honorary mentions, Everybody Loves Raymond definitely follows a traditional comedy formula for the 90s.

So what are your Top 3 90s sitcoms?

Happy reading!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am an inconsiderate person.

Five Foot Nothing has turned one, and Miss 5ft0 herself, FORGOT TO CELEBRATE IT.

In the midst of all the chaos of what is called uni life, I truly didn't think twice of Five Foot Nothing's birthday.

It was launched on November 12th and God knows what I was doing on that day. Definitely saving the dodos for sure. Or knitting warm woollen mittens for reindeers for Christmas. Or saving the world by taking pollution down to zero.

Anyway, here's my belated bloggy birthday to my blog.

Happy 1st birthday my little bloggity blog,
Hip hip, hooray!
All the best.

In lieu of this special event, I'm going to take you back to the first post I created. Then laugh at how amateurish and techno-illiterate it looked, and realise nothing has changed.

Happy reading!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Humpty Dumpty's Is Now Great Shape

CAUTION!: You are about to enter the childish mind of Miss 5ft0.

I'm on a roll here. Yesterday, I posted about Sesame Street. Today, I want to rant about nursery rhymes. In particular, this one:

I won't re-write the words to the original of this particular nursery rhyme, because I assume everyone in the English speaking world knows this song. But over at the Mother Country, someone from the BBC decided to change the last line of this famous nursery rhyme to:

"All the King's Horses and the King's Men,
Made Humpty Dumpty happy again".

The BBC changed it for 'creative' purposes. I call it ridiculous. Personally, I don't think children are traumatised when hearing this particular nursery rhyme or any other nursery rhyme.

But there's one thing that a lot of people forgot to ask when listening to this. Just one.

No where in the original Humpty Dumpty lyric, did it mention that Humpty Dumpty is an egg!

Why did we assume that Mr Humpty Dumpty was an egg in the first place? Did the part where Humpty Dumpty "had a great fall" and "Cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again" imply that it was an egg? Just because you couldn't put something together, doesn't mean that it's an egg.

For those in favour of changing the Humpty Dumpty lyrics because the current one scares children, guess what Humpty Dumpty is first before jumping the gun.

Rant over,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Same Street, Different World - Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street

I have to thank Sesame Street for teaching me a few things. These include:

- Teaching me the alphabetical order and counting 1 to 10 properly;
- That Tina is a fine name, and I don't need to change it;
- That cookies are a sometime food.

As you can see, Sesame Street is turning 40 this year. I loved Sesame Street as a kid, until I was five years old. That's when I decided that the show was for babies.

Until recently, when I had to watch Sesame Street with my baby cousins. Has it changed? The concept of Sesame Street hasn't changed, but the look and tone of "Sesame Street" has evolved. When I was a kid, it was a realistic rendition of an urban skyline, grey houses, garbage bins, the messy graffiti and gritty smudges on the street walls - things which resembled city life so well.

Now? It's lolly-coloured chalk drawings, flowers, butterflies, stars, green spaces, tofu and yoga. Also, Cookie Monster no longer eats cookies because it's a 'sometime' food.

It's changed with the times for sure, with parents obsessive with obesity, racial equality and healthy eating. This is clearly evident with Cookie Monster gobbling vegetables and fruits and declaring these foods as 'Anytime Foods'.

I can understand why Sesame Street made all these changes - but is it necessary? Surely, many kids will know cookies are unhealthy. It's sometimes interesting to watch politically correct parents going overboard with these decisions. I understand why these changes had to be made. But, I wish Cookie Monster would do the one thing he was meant to do - to gobble a handful of cookies.

Happy reading,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My First Blog Award

Thanks to the lovely A from Shut Up Vita , I've received my first blog award ever! You're too sweet A!

1. Where is your cell phone:
It's in a grey felt case, buried in my black leather tote bag.
2. Your hair: Long, black and dead straight.
3. Your mother: Likes to make clothes.
4. Your father: Reading up APC Magazines for his next technological gadget purchase.
5. Your favourite food: I don't have a favourite par se, but sushi, Vietnamese rice paper rolls and arancinis are great = ).
6. Your dream from last night: I dreamt that Simon Baker asked me to visit the set of The Mentalist.
7. Your favourite drink: Non - alcoholic: Raspberry Ripe from Boost. Alcoholic: Baileys with milk and ice.
8. Your dream/goal: Definitely merging my passions for media/entertainment and law. I would love to be a music lawyer!
9. What room are you in: My study room. Filled with books, notes, pens, papers, clips and cupcake containers.
10. What are your hobbies: Blogging, gardening and the odd indoor rock climbing.
11. What is your fear: I fear fear itself.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Definitely working overseas - as a sassy music lawyer.
13. Where were you last night: At home, eating a mini Magnum and watching GNW.
14. Something you are not: Tall.
15. Muffins: Love a blueberry muffin. I'm partial to a cupcake though.
16. Wish list items: Going to Liverpool, England to check out the Beatles museum; working overseas in the USA as a music lawyer and meeting Simon Baker. I'm being reasonable right?
17. Where did you grow up: Sydney, Australia.
18. Last thing you did: Went to a vintage store and bought some gold jewellery.
19. What are you wearing: Beige tank top and green shorts.
20. Your TV: Not on at the moment.
21. Your pets: Don't own a pet.
23. Your life: It's been interesting.
24. Your mood: Tired, but cheery.
25. Missing someone: Yes. *winks*
26. Vehicle: Don't have one at the moment. I need a new car!
27. Something you're not wearing: Ballet flats
28. Your favourite store: I like a few stores, not just A store. Rodeo Show and Luxe Boutique.
29. Your favourite colour: Royal blue.
30. When's the last time you laughed: Right now actually, watching Friends on DVD at the moment.
31. When's the last time you cried: When a friend of mine left to go overseas over two months ago.
32. Your best friend: My girls = )

Now, I pass my awards to Corrine from Frock and Roll and Sarah Hannah from Death Wears Diamond Jewellery.

Happy reading,

Monday, November 2, 2009

Unis turning into businesses

I've neglected this blog.
Another fact: I'm a Sagittarius that loves the enjoyment of hardship.
Lie: I'm currently typing this post at Simon Baker's penthouse and sipping on champagne while I type this.

I'm a university student. A regular uni student who attends her lectures and tutorials at all times*. I don't complain. I get my essays, assignments and exams completed - then go home and nap. Or, go to the bar and have a couple pints of beer. I don't pay attention to uni politics. I simply go there to learn.

I'm studying a degree in media and law. Law is an intensive degree and each subject of law requires a two hour tutorial. However, the uni I'm currently attending wants to cut the two hour law tutorials to one hour tutorials. Why? So they don't have to pay law tutors another $80-$100.

To add insult to injury, they won't lower the prices of those law subjects. Nor are they going to lighten the workload for us. Now this is unacceptable.

The uni I attend has just renovated the Arts building - which has the latest technology and futuristic furniture. They are also building a new library which will contain some robots helping us find our books, journals, DVDs and other catalogues. It also has a high amount of international students as well - who would have paid their fees upfront before attending the institution.

Now, the uni is telling us that they don't have the money to pay tutors? Seriously. Paying $80 a week to tutors isn't much, it is only a small part of the total uni budget.

Unis are all about giving students an education to the degree they wish to obtain at the end of their studies. Making sure they understand the basics before they head into the big bad world called the workforce.

Maybe I'm an idealist, but I think it's enough that unis keep on cutting costs for business reasons, and not doing what its purpose should be. Providing quality education for students.

*Again, another lie.

Rant over,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where I live

I've been blogging for a while now, and I haven't told you where in Sydney, Australia I currently reside. I often thought of my hometown as boring, because I've grown accustomed to my area. It was only recently that a friend of mine pointed out that those who aren't locals are fascinated by the place I live in.

So, I live in a place where one street shall be considered the equivalent to the CBD. In that 200 metre strip, you'll find there's a recurring pattern which starts out like this:

1. A restaurant which mainly sells this:

2. This:

I never understood why there were seven pharmacies alone in this street. But, if I do get sick, I know there's a prescription drug out there to suit my needs.

Lastly, this:

Bit like the ubiquitous amounts of pharmacies in my area, it's the same with mobile phones. It's great that I could select a wide range of mobile phones with brilliant deals.

However, where I live, it's far from the university I currently attend. Some days, I'll have to get up at 5.30 am, just to make to my 8 am lecture on time. It seems anywhere else in Sydney would be closer to my university.

But then, I think of all things I'll miss. The 6 am ritual of purchasing freshly baked bread rolls filled with pork and salad just makes my mouth water.

You will see old women who make Vietnamese desserts, cured pork from home and selling various Asian herbs and spices on the streets during the weekend. At times, I'll strike up a conversation with some of them - but it abruptly ends as they pack their goods in the trolley and sprint away whenever an approaching Council Officer comes along.

Speaking of food, did I mention how I live in a place that's well-known for Asian food? How could I leave the delicious food from around the world which is literally outside my door step?

Then there's this homeless guy that sits at the train station. His black eyes squinting through his square spectacles, mangled jet black hair and a long beard with patches of grey. His skin is dark and uneven. Last year, I gave him some sandwiches. When I turned around, he gave the sandwiches to another homeless lady, then scavenged the bin to find left over Vietnamese rice paper rolls.

You can get sweeped up with the local drama of my hometown - which restaurant makes the best crispy skin chicken, to whose child has graduated from medicine, whose child is now opening up another pharmacy, to other important issues such as who's gain weight, who's lost weight, who's gotten a divorce and most of all, who went overseas recently to get plastic surgery.

I found it hard to describe my hometown in words, but it is a town with it's own quirks. And in the words of Kenneth Slessor, "You find this ugly, I find this lovely."

Happy reading!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Food Review: KFC Mashies

Recently, I tried the limited edition KFC Mashies meal. Here's what it looks like:

I expected the KFC mashies to have a crispy coating, then a soft mash potato centre. Even the advertisements suggested that these mashies would be soft balls of heaven.

Instead, I found that they tasted a lot like deep fried balls of flour. Not even a liberal coating from the little container of gravy made up for that. Their mash potato is passe as it tastes like flour mixed with chicken powder and frankly, KFC should be banned from selling mash potatoes and the latest Mashies, it'll give any person coronary heart disease.

I believe KFC Mashies got this idea from the Dutch meatball snack, bitterballen. It is typically served in pubs and served with Dijon mustard. The outside is crumbed with breadcrumbs, while the inside usually has a creamy meaty texture, with cheese and potatoes thrown into the mix from time to time. Here's what the bitterballen look like:

That certainly looks much more appealing. I shall be trying those soon.

If you're interested in purchasing KFC Mashies for lunch/dinner/afternoon tea - my suggestion? Save your money and purchase a magazine instead.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apples says to Woolies, "You're new logo is too apple-y".

Greetings 5ft0's,

I want to ask you a question. Does this logo:

Looks similar to this logo?

Good ol' Woolies insists their new logo is in a shape of a 'W'. While Apple thinks, it looks like an apple and they want the 'Straylan supermarket to stop using the logo.

Any reason? Other than Apple believes that Woolies new logo looks way too similar to their nifty little apple. So the question remains, can Apple really claim an apple? Before I go on, here is the criteria for trademark infringements:

- Similarity of the markings;
- Evidence of actual confusion;
- Likelihood of the expansion of the product line;
- Type of goods and the degree of care likely to be exercised by the purchaser;
- Defendant's intent in selecting the markings;
- Proximity of the goods and;
- Strength of the marking.

The last time I checked, Woolworths was well-known for stocking canned food, frozen food, confectionery, delis, stationery and toiletries. While Apple sells iPods, iMacs, iPhones, iTouch - well anything which combines an 'i' and technological gadgets.

Personally, I think this is getting ridiculous. But, I'll leave the question to you. Is Woolies new logo too similar to Apple's logo?

Happy reading,

Friday, October 2, 2009

What's your opinion on charging online news content?

Greetings 5ft0s,

Rupert Murdoch is going to experience a backlash with this idea. A number of independent research studies show this was rated unfavourably amongst those surveyed last week. Even better, Google rejected Murdoch's plan.

In my opinion, publishers will find it very hard to charge for news content because there is so much free content swimming around the world wide web. Sure, the Wall Street Journal, one of the newspapers owned by News Corp started charging its user to read its news online. Some publishers have argued that once upon a time, we paid for a news content. The question is, would you pay for it again?

But seriously, no one would pay for news content, especially if it's coming from or ninemsn. There are plenty online news websites which write better content.

I'm curious to know if this scheme goes ahead, how much will they charge users for their content. Perhaps it's like iTunes, paying it per article basis. Whatever they decide, it won't just affect journalists, it will affect us as well.

Charging audience for online news content when they can receive it for free is like charging people to swim at the beach. Or ocean, and it's a huge ocean out there.

Now, what do you think about this proposition?

Happy reading,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kraft, what on earth were you thinking?

I really want to tell the Kraft marketing department about this. If you want to know what's got me on a tizzy, it's this:

Kraft's intention in iSnack 2.0 was to align itself the new Vegemite product to a younger market.

If they had done their research carefully, 'i' was originally intended to designate anything related to the 'internet', like iPod and iPhone. If there's one thing the Kraft marketing department have demonstrated clearly, is their lack of technological jargon.

How would the conversation go in homes across 'Strayla?
"What do you want on your sandwich?"
"I want a iSnack 2.0 sandwich."
Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

I can feel the producers from the Gruen Transfer are already making an episode of iSnack 2.0. The name of the episode? Dumbest names companies have come up with.

Now, let me ask you this question. What should the new Kraft Vegemite be called? Certainly not iSnack 2.0.

Happy reading,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The 32cm Ice Cream Cone

I'm not the type of person who's up for a food challenge. However, last night, I did take up a food challenge. I didn't succeed, but I gave it a go.

My friends and I had dinner at Chinatown and to burn off the kilojoules, we decided to walk along George Street. There, we saw this store:

As the curious little buggers we are, we entered the store. Then we glanced over to the sign that said:

This is good value of the century! I was amazed, $2.90 for a 32cm ice cream cone. It comes in three flavours - strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. They also do double flavours as well.

I felt like a giddy schoolgirl when I got my strawberry and chocolate ice cream. Here's the pic:

We marvelled the photos of prior customers who have taken on this challenge. I couldn't believe I was holding a 32 cm ice cream. A bit longer than the 30 cm plastic rulers I use to bring to school. The shop assistant was amused we'd taken the ice cream cone photo shoot.

On the streets, I saw a lot of by-passers raise an eyebrow or asking their friends, "Where did they get that?" It was difficult navigating the 32cm ice cream cone in Sydney CBD on a Friday night. I should add this ice cream melts fast. Really fast.

At the end, I couldn't finish the ice cream. But, I believe $2.90 for a huge ice cream cone was a bargain.

It's definitely worth a go. Even if it is a novelty.

Happy reading,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He doesn't deserve a Ticket to Ryde

Has anyone been hearing about the Dennis Ferguson case lately? Or rather, how he has been released from prison, to the streets of Ryde?

Right now, the people of the suburb of Ryde, where Dennis Ferguson is currently residing, want him to leave because they believe children are in danger.

I have two thoughts about this. On one hand, I can understand why the Ryde community want Dennis Ferguson out. It is natural for parents, worry, or worse, respond violently when a former paedophile resides in your neighbourhood.

However, after watching the Today Show and listening to MIX 106.5 FM with Sonya Kruger and Todd McKenney - Dennis Ferguson has the right to move back into society without people taunting him.

He has served his time in prison. Listening to both media outlets, I don't think society gives sex offenders, thieves, hell anyone who's sent to gaol a second chance in re-establishing themselves in society. There's one thing I know, moving Dennis Ferguson out of Ryde won't solve anything.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Happy reading,

Bars, Boys and All that Stuff

Bars - a place where professional workers all brood on a Friday night. Some can be so rude. People cutting in front of you in the bar quene. Middle-aged weirdos whose drunken dancing smashes a tray of beer. Packs of young ladies shrieking, drowning out your conversation and people trying to 'hook up' with that hot lass/lad over there.

However, most people attend bars just to blow off some steam. But there is one advice I would like to give to girls (Boys, take heed):

'If a guy who's just spotted you is dumb enough to buy you a drink, then he is dumb enough to be taken advantage of.'

Seriously, if you're interested in someone, please come up to us at a bar and talk. Buying a drink when you haven't introduced yourself to that cute girl isn't going to cut it. Even worse, a girl will take the drink you've just paid for, and run off with the drink, just because you're suggesting other things other than a 'talk'.

Another note to be made? Pick-up lines suck. Girls will always appreciate honesty and a sense of humour as great qualities in a man. A pick-up line seems contrived, which makes it seem dishonest. For women, dishonesty is threatening. Not funny.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going back to the Motherland

Greetings 5ft0's,

I have been busy with mid-semester exams and assignments so I'm sorry in advanced in this entry is rather boring.

Like Corrine from Frock and Roll who posted on her blog recently, I too have a friend who's moving to this place:

Yep, to the Motherland. He's going to complete his pHd in Advanced Mathematics over there and I admire him for plucking the courage to leave familiar surroundings and venturing to the unknown. This trip has been planned for a long time, but it was only recently the reality set in. He couldn't believe he made it into a university in the UK, let alone receiving a decent scholarship there.

Saturday will be the last day for my friends and I to see him for the last time, before he jets off to the Motherland. Besides getting pounded by the pound, I'm so happy that my friend is doing something he loves!

Happy reading!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The World of Retail

Retail - a place where school students, uni students, mums, semi-retired workers will work to pay off their weekly expenses. Having worked in pharmacy, fashion and fast food, I've met some interesting customers in my line of work.

Some customers are rude. Some think you should wait for them 24/7 and not to mention throwing bags, shoes and scarves around - and you have to pick up things while they check out other products. Some customers aren't polite. While others won't speak to you in the same manner as they would to their mates because they think you must be really dumb.

You see some of the outrageous ways customers will do to exchange for their purchases. I'll share you one of my experiences:

At one of the shoe stores I previously worked at, a customer wanted to return a pair of heels. I opened the box and a strong acetonic smell hit my nose. I held the pair of heels in my hand, and had black paint on my hands and arms.

"I'm sorry, I can't refund this. You have tampered with the shoes, so we can't take it back."
"Oh no, it's always been like this. I find the soles of the heels are losing colour at a rapid rate".
"You have painted the soles of the shoes. I can't give you a refund because you've damaged the heels".
"You bitch! I want to speak to the manager now!"
I tried to keep a straight face, even though deep down I wanted to rip the customer's hair out.

My manager steps in, seeing the trouble brewing for the back room.
"What's the problem?"
"That bitch won't let me have a refund on the shoes!"
The manager inspects the shoes,
"I'm sorry you can't refund these heels. You have painted the soles of the heels, not to mention, it's still wet".

The customer grudgingly accepts the manager's answer, places the pair of heels in the box, and walks out.

Has anyone had outrageous customer requests during their time in the retail world? I'll like to hear your thoughts, since I don't want to be the only person who's experience such a spat.

FYI: That was the third time I was called a bitch in my life.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What did you have for breakfast?

In light of Mia Freedman's "What did you cook for dinner last night?" - I'm starting out a new section called, "What did you have for breakfast?"

Most people are eating their cereal, or running to Maccas for an egg and bacon mcmuffin - 5ft0 ate last night's left overs. I had Vietnamese vermicelli noodle salad with spring rolls last night. We made way too many spring rolls for dinner and placed the left overs in the fridge.

I had to make a fresh batch of vermicelli noodles, shredded the lettuce and cucumber as well as getting fresh Vietnamese mint from the garden. With the spring rolls, I had to re-heat them using:

The spring rolls turned out fine in the end too. I should've taken a picture on what my breakfast spread looked like too. But, it resembles like this:

There are two questions I would like to ask is: Do you have breakfast at strange times as well? There are days where I eat breakfast at 1pm because I partied way too hard the night before.

Secondly, do you eat cereal/porridge at other meal times besides breakfast? I've been known to eat cereal at 7pm because I've been too lazy to cook up a simple, nourishing soup for myself.

Am I the only person who is lazy when it comes to cooking breakfast for myself?

Happy reading!

P.S - I use the toaster to re-heat my food so much, my parents have decided to buy a second toaster to re-heat my spring rolls, sausages...even slices of pork roast. Ho-hum.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Identity Revealed

I've been blogging under the name 'Five Foot Nothing' for over ten months. I think it's time to reveal who I am.

If you're interested to see what 5ft0 looks like, look over to the left hand menu and see my profile. I'm a petite person who has squinty eyes, ebony black hair and has no hope of becoming a Victoria's Secret Model.

I'm going to make a proper introduction, it will give insight to the person behind this blog. self-referential.

Most importantly, what's your real name?

What are your vices?

Green apple liquorice, chai lattes, vintage accessories and a sucker for Disney Couture jewellery.

What's your horoscope and does it fit your character? I'm a Sagittarius and it fits me to a tee. I took a degree in media because I talk a lot. I took a law degree because I talk a lot. Therefore, I took on a B.Media/B.Law degree because I talk a lot.

Loser! Have you ever worked in the industry?
I couldn't disclose this information for a long time because I was working for this company. But now I'm free from the company, I can reveal that I use to work as a paralegal at Ninemsn.

What's your call on this generation debate nonsense?

Honestly, I don't know why we bothered labelling people of certain ages a Baby Boomer, Gen X or Gen Y. Not all Gen Ys are lazy, same with not all Baby Boomers are business savvy.

But one thing I do have to say is that no one holds a monopoly of knowledge. The so-called Gen Y should listen to those older than themselves - wisdom comes with age. And if you're 40, 50, 60 - heck at any age, you could learn a thing or two from your younger counterparts. Knowledge doesn't stop at 40.

You're such a girly girl. I thought you were a feminist: FYI, I am a girl. Secondly, a feminist doesn't have to be a woman who doesn't shave their underarms or legs - they can come in a form of a pint-size girl who spends too much time at the Glebe markets.

What's are your favourite novels?
The two novels I can relate to on a personal level are Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta and The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger.

Are you paid to write certain things about products or opinions?

Of course, how else do I pay for my weekly expense? It's $1000 per word, $8000 if you want me to write a positive outcome for your product/organisation and $10000 for a subject mention.

Please send your cheques to 5ft0 Pty Ltd, 12/34 As If I Would Do That, 666.

Stop being a smart ass! Anything else to add?

I'm a huge fan of The Beatles. My favourite member was John Lennon. Shame he couldn't leave to 64.

So now my fellow readers, just sit quietly on your chairs and wait for me to fill you with random opinions and posts, as well hanging out and playing Monopoly with a zillion other blogs, all wearing Ray Bans being cool and aloof, shuffling around cyberspace like a deck of playing cards.

Happy reading!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Book Review: Mama Mia - A Memoir of Mistakes, Magazines and Motherhood

I couldn't wait to get my nifty hands on this book. I've looked up to Mia Freedman since I was a teen. I was one of those geeks who'd study the master heads of Dolly, Girlfriend, Cosmopolitan - heck whatever magazine I could lay my hands, and memorise the names of the journalists, advertisers, marketers and corporate people working on the magazines.

Freedman's definitely set the bar really high for those who aspire to be journalists, or work in any sector of the media industry - editor of Cosmopolitan at the age of 24, editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan, Cleo and Dolly at age 32 and now? An autobiography at the ripe old age of 37. Yep, Freedman's always does things a decade earlier than the rest of us.

The book details Freedman's magazine career, her mistakes, disappointments and most of all, she writes about her late-term miscarriage in 1999. It also follows the Nine debacle, where she was a creative services director for about five minutes in 2006.

But what struck me most, was her insecurities - two quotes in the book which pinpoint Freedman to the core:

"For more than fifteen years, my identity had been inextricably linked to what I did. I had a title. A business card. And, for the past ten years, an assistant. Staff. A nice office. A car spot. An infrastructure that supplied me with magazines and newspapers. Couriers. IT support. A helpdesk. I had someone buy my lunch, open my mail, screen my calls, RSVP to all my invitations and make me tea, although I usually did this myself. I'm very particular about my tea." pg. 339.

"I found myself dropped from invitation lists overnight...As pertulant as it sounds, however, even though I went to virtually nothing I was invited to unless I absolutely had to, I still liked being invited". pg. 340.

There, I realised how much Freedman's career shaped her identity. How much she was willing to peddle the Cosmopolitan brand, even though her beliefs didn't coincide with the magazine. She could have continued editing Cosmopolitan - talking about oral sex, partying and 24 ways in picking up a guy for so long. The lesson here is, be true to yourself.

As I was reading through the book, I'd also noticed Freedman had taken excerpts from editor's letters back in Cosmopolitan in 2003, such as the time she wore the fashion director's dress and the time she re-discovered her love for baking after watching Nigella Lawson. Yes, I'm very nit-picky, but I'll let this one side because after all, it was Freedman's words in the first place.

Overall, it is a great book to read. It definitely shows Mia Freedman's personality, hard-working, focused, anxious, self-doubt...oh bugger it, it shows her flaws in detail as well. You definitely see how she's matured from a 19 year old work experience student at Cleo, to a person who's running an awesome blog and having many media students aspiring to be writers look up to her.

Happy reading!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spring has finally arrived!

Hooray! Spring's finally here! It's been a while where I've experienced 22 degree weather. Then again, Mr Spring hasn't been subtle - he's been peeking about since late August. Peeking around so much, he's has seduced me to buy this product:

L'Occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette Perfume - $69.95

Apparently, it's one of L'Occitane's bestselling fragrances. With a rosy geranium and lemon scent as base notes - I'm not surprised. The smell reminds me of Fanta - I love those crisp, citrus scents.

I haven't been blogging in a while, but my life has been extremely busy. I had an interview with a magazine company recently and I was absolutely stoked I got a call in the first place. It'll be in the advertising division - so I'll be sharpening my skills in persuasion.

I have previously worked in an online media company, not as a journalist, but on the legal side of things. Yes, my days were filled with contracts and all you'll hear coming out of mouth were copyright, defamation, contempt and agreements. It was a great position to be in because I saw how creativity and business merged together. They can't exist without each other. You need to finance your business, but at the same time, you need creative freedom to produce excellent entertainment/informative articles and other needs.

The thing I also learnt was that while many journalists, PRs and producers will try and understand how the copyright laws apply to them - you must remember that their passion for creativity will always be their first passion. Most people will fall in the middle, they'll read the media laws that apply to them. You rarely get those who fall into the extreme - those who are attuned to business as well as being creative. Then there are those who refuse to read the laws that apply to them.

Holy smokes, I sound like a whinging executive. Anyway, whatever happens, I'll be happy with the decision.

Happy reading!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recount: An extra ordinary item to brighten up your day

I haven't witnessed or experienced anything extraordinary of late, I shall make this post extra ordinary instead. There's this particular recount I want to share with you. I hope my extra ordinary recount will make your day feel extraordinary.

Here it goes:

I enter a department store, there were a rumble of shoes lying there. I glance at the lady beside me, who picks up a pair of black ballet flats with a bow from the pile.

Next to her was a three year old boy, sucking a lollipop. The boy proceeds to grab the pair of flats from the lady. The lady shocked by this action, takes the ballet flats off the boy, turns him around and slaps him on the bottom.

The boy drops the lollipop onto the floor and cries.

Another lady comes running to the scene.

"How dare you! How dare you hit my son!"

"You're son was trying to steal my shoes!"

"How can they be your shoes? You haven't even purchased it yet!"

"They're my shoes. I saw them first. Besides, your son deserves the slap! If you taught your son manners, I wouldn't have slapped him in the first place!"

"Excuse me! You're not allowed to slap my son in broad daylight. I'm his mum, I choose to see what punishment I see fit!"

"Clearly, you're judgment is wrong!"

The ladies start wrestling one another. The boy stops crying, with his eyes glued to the fight.

Two security guards come charging down to the scene. The guards had to restrain the ladies from having another hit, before carrying them off the scene.

The first lady still clinging onto the ballet flats said, "These are my shoes!"

I hope this recount has made your day extraordinary.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The more you date, the higher your IQ

The last time I went on a date was when I was a 8 year old. I was dating an older man. He was 9 years old. His name was Daniel*. I spent recess pulling out dandelion, filled the styrofoam cup with water and placed the dandelion in the cup.

My attempt in making the date pleasant was unsuccessful. Daniel decided I was a sissy as I didn't know how to kiss him properly on the cheeks. The date lasted 20 minutes. I believe it's the shortest date on record. I should seriously apply for the Guinness World Records for this.

I caught up with my friends on the weekend and we started talking about dating. Since I had little experience in the dating front, I didn't want to comment much. Until, a friend of mine blurted this out:

"I read it somewhere that the more you date, the higher your IQ is".

Now, I don't know what source of information my friend received this information from. I've been searching the world wide web and I haven't found out. However, whoever was conducting this research didn't realise how flawed this assumption was.

Honestly, the more people you date doesn't increase your IQ - it just makes you more aware on the type of partner you eventually want to settle with. Also, with the dating, you are learn to read people's body languages a lot more clearer.

Another thing to point out, what type of IQ test were these participants doing? Each IQ test is different, some questions are mathematically based. Others like myself, wouldn't know the answer to 1+1. Depending on the amount and type of questions used, this experiment really goes down the gurgle.

When I told my friend the flaws of this experiment, she refused to believe me - stated that I'm a cynic.

What do you think my fellow petites?

Happy reading!

* Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Public Transport Etiquette

I think it's safe to say that the majority of us have had unpleasant encounters while travelling on public transport. After catching the train to go to uni for the last three years, I want to publish a book titled "Transport Etiquette" - dealing with all the things people should and shouldn't do on public transport.

I'm so passionate about this issue, I want to publish a book about it and make millions of dollars out of it. Okay, that's a bit to much, maybe a couple of thousands of dollars at least.

5ft0's tips for travelling on public transport:

1. Offer your seat to the elderly, pregnant or disabled passengers.

Finding a seat in peak hour is a blessing. But, I get so annoyed when commuters don't even notice a pregnant passenger standing on the train/bus etc. Seriously, it'll take the waters to break before anyone notices.

2. Keep loud private chat out of the public realm

Whether done face-to-face or through the mobile, speak in a low tone. Personally, I don't care if Mary got it on with the boss at work, or Jerry spending $9,000 on tyres - people either don't care about your life, or being human, will eavesdrop to hear what you're saying.

3. Turn down the volume of your iPod or MP3 player

I thank God for Apple for inventing the iPod and listening to The Beatles to kick-start my morning. However, not all commuters will share your taste in music. Or, they prefer a peaceful start to their morning. Either way, turn down the volume of your iPod - it shows manners and can save you from potential hearing loss.

4. Move down a seat

With public transport, usually there's join seats. At peak hour times of the day, public transport is naturally packed. So please, if you're sitting on an aisle seat and the person on the window seat has left, you must take the window seat. It's just polite to allow people to have the seat on the aisle.

5. When the person from the window seat wants to get out

Please, please, stand up and allow them to get out. Unless I was twig, I'm not skinny enough to walk through that small space. I don't care what you're excuse is (unless your pregnant) - you have two legs, use them.

6. Don't do things you'll only do in the privacy of your bathroom

Please whatever you do, don't cut your fingernails all over the place. The sound is so awkward, not to mention it's gross and spreads disease.

7. Spread out

If you're boarding a crowded train, commuters tend to stand next to the door. If you are getting off at the next stop, fine. If not, please spread out along the aisle. The doorway has to be clear, so people can safely board and leave. Also remember, to let passengers get off the train before you get on.

Holy cheese and crackers, I realised I sound like a cranky old person - but seriously, I don't want to see fingernails lying on the floor.

Have you encountered any rude/gross/unusual experience whilst catching public transport? At least, I can remind myself I'm a 22 year-old girl, and not a 67 year-old geriatric.

Happy reading!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I've found a new way to cook my sausages!

With the advent of MasterChef Australia and watching Poh, Julie and all the other contestants reaching new heights in their culinary skills - my skills have gone down to new lows.

If any of the judges of MasterChef Australia saw what I was cooking for breakfast this morning - or rather, what appliance I used to re-heat my sausages, I would be given a lecture big time.

Last night, I had bangers and mash for dinner. We made more sausages than the whole family could consume - so I placed the remaining leftovers into a container and put it the fridge.

When it came to re-heating the sausages the next day, I was buggered - so buggered that I couldn't take a frying pan, pour some vegetable oil into the pan and cook my sausages in it. I did the unthinkable, out of all utensils I used to cook my sausages - I used this little humble device:

As I was 'cooking' with this device, I shook my head, realising how lazy I truly am. Seriously, I'm developing a morbid fear of my own laziness. With loads of assignments, note-taking and essays coming up - I've come up interesting ways to cook my food.

Just to put me out of misery, do you peeps have inventive ways in re-heating or cooking for food? Or am I the only person in the Great Land Down Under to have put the Australian culinary industry to shame?

Happy reading,

P.S - The sausages tasted great!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New celebrity male crush: Charlie Pickering

Fact: Love geeky guys! They're cute!
Lie: I saw Adam Brody and Charlie Pickering catch the 380 bus to the Paddington markets yesterday.

When "The OC" was axed yonks ago, I wondered how will I survive without a weekly dose of Seth Cohen. Now, I've found my new celebrity geeky crush: comedian Charlie Pickering.

I instantly fell in love with Charlie Pickering as host of the 7PM Project and one of the team leaders in Talkin' 'bout your Generation. Pickering possesses a superb knowledge of irrelevant pop culture trivia, funny - not to mention, he recently admitted he had a hard time at school because he was a geek.

Charlie Pickering reminds me of The OC's adorably goofy and hilarious Seth Cohen. I fell in love with Adam Brody for his character as the unpopular geek obsessed with comic books. Most of all, I watched it for his eternal love for Newport's snobby little rich girl, played by the perennial cutie Rachel Bilson.

Personally, I'll date a geek over a pretty boy for these reasons:

1. They don't have as many girls chasing after them - hence, geeks have had to use other means to attract girls, i.e. less corny love notes, treating a girl like a princess. Whereas popular guys are use to girls falling at their feet, and wouldn't have mastered the art of the dating etiquette.

2. You don't have to play dumb - or at the very least, don't hide the fact you're a smart cookie. Unlike the pretty boys, geek guys have no insecurities about their manhood, so they don't feel threatened by a smart, capable female.

3. While the popular guys are way too busy picking up that hot girl from Maccas - geek guys have other interests they're occupied with, i.e. sharpening up their skills in chess/computers/comic books/writing. Hence, they have more interesting things to talk about.

4. They're extremely polite - you definitely won't be hearing crass words from these adorable guys.

5. They're smart, hence they can help you with an assignment/exam you are currently tackling with.

6. Geeks may become your bosses, at the very least, working at a high position of a company one day. It pays to be nice.

For the observant readers out there, I know Charlie Pickering is happily married with a wife - but it's just an innocent crush!

Happy reading,

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Austereo: It's time for a change.

I can feel the Legal and PR department over at the Austereo network and Network Ten working overtime due to the Kyle Sandilands saga. In particular with the Austereo network, I have no idea why the network didn't realise that their loud-mouth asset could bring the whole network down.

Personally, I feel the whole Austereo network team should've realised they were raising a big problem back in 2000, when Kyle started out as a night-time host at the Hot 30 Countdown. Even then, Kyle was bullying producers around, and criticising other announcers within the Austereo family.

Then in 2005, Kyle and Jackie O got their wish, being hosts of the breakfast show. Of course, they brought it the ratings and advertisers - but also, Sandilands demanded the delay "dumb" button to be taken off. Hence, the people in running the Kyle and Jackie O were in charge of a zoo.

Honestly, the breakfast show can be liken to the things Jerry Springer use to do. What happened over a week in regards to the fourteen-year-old announcing she had been raped as a twelve-year-old is a trademark for Kyle and Jackie O show. A few weeks ago, there was a masturbation competition as Kyle, Jackie's husband and their newsreader all gave sperm samples to see who was the most 'manly'.

Right now, Kyle is shaking his head thinking "Why has this happened to me?" It's a bit like a kid who's been getting away with any sorts of trouble for years from the parents, and now he's suddenly kicked in the guts, wondering why he has been punished.

For years now, Kyle and Jackie O are surrounded by yes-people. Why? People tune into the show, it's the number one breakfast radio show in Sydney. Hence, money is coming into the station in millions.

I hope Jackie O gets a lot of punishment too. She isn't the sweet, serene person perceived on television and radio - if she condones Kyle's behaviour, then she's just a twisted person herself.

My advice to Austereo? It's about time you created a new breakfast show which doesn't resemble a Jerry Springer talk-show.

Rant over,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kyle and Jackie O temporarily ousted

I think I saw pigs fly today, seriously. The Austereo network finally had the balls to do something.

Now, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O has been suspended indefinitely after last week's lie detector test. For more information, click here.

Personally, I think the Austereo network have reacted to this situation way too late. If you remember the Chaser debacle over the skit about dying children, the group acknowledged they 'got it wrong' and went off air for two weeks. The ABC responded immediately, and the Chasers got their punishment.

At first, I thought the only way the Kyle and Jackie O show would only be taken off air if major sponsorship pull out and ratings drop. However, people power and the web took the show off air - so just maybe...the duo are taking responsibility over what happened last week.

Looks like Kyle can blame the media now.

Happy reading,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Hey, your song sounds the same as mine!"

As you all know by now, Kelly Clarkson is arguing with RCA Records (a subsidiary unit of Sony Music Entertainment). It's the dispute over her new power ballad - which sounds similar to Beyonce's 2008 hit, "Halo".

Disputes began when Clarkson realised her single, "Already Gone", co written with songwriter Ryan Tedder, was a deadringer of another Tedder produced tune, "Halo".

Now, Tedder has confessed that he gave both platinum-selling signers a tune with the same back tracking. However, by the time Kelly had heard "Halo" and realised the similarities between the tracks, her current album All I Ever Wanted was already in print.

In an interview with Canada's CBC Radio, Clarkson revealed she had been fighting behind the scenes to keep her latest single, "Already Gone" from being released - to no avail. She believed when listeners heard the song, they would be thinking "Kelly ripped off Beyonce's Halo song."

This type of case has never existed before - but as a law student who is interested in becoming a media lawyer, it's riveting stuff!

It is obvious the U.S courts will be heavily relying on the copyright law. I must express, the most important thing any journalist, musician, entertainer (hell, anyone involved in media must know) is that a copyright protects the expression of an idea, it does not protect the idea itself.

The issue here, is the melody behind both "Halo" and "Already Gone". Since Tedder owns the copyright to the melody - then they may not be any charges against him. Personally, I think it's sheer laziness that Tedder decided to use the same melody for both Clarkson and Beyonce.

However, I'm not the judge - so the trial may turn around and announce a different decision.

So Petites, what are your thoughts on this? Should Tedder be charged?

Happy reading,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Book Review: L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

I've been a fan of Lauren Conrad since the first episode of Laguna Beach aired on TV yonks ago. Then I followed Conrad to The Hills, where I learnt "Boys are like purses" and watched the readership for Teen Vogue increase in ten-fold. When I found out she was writing a book, I was torn whether I should purchase her novel. At the end, I did and expected a lot more from the book. Sorry Lauren.

The book was enjoyable. The story flowed nicely and I liked it how Conrad introduced the main characters of the story, Jane Roberts and Scarlett Harp and reading about their adventures around Hollywood. There have been so many novels and drama shows set around L.A, (think The O.C., 90210, Melrose Place, Trading Up, Clueless) and all of them make me want to gag. Luckily, L.A. Candy doesn't do that.

The story follows Jane and Scarlett as they move from Santa Barbara to the busy streets of Los Angeles, California. It follows them as they learn what it's like to live in a big city and seeing how they're thrown into the spotlight and treated as celebrities. The positive part of the book is how Conrad illustrates the behind the scenes look of the world of reality television. I knew The Hills and Laguna Beach aren't 'real'. T.V. producers would throw the characters into different siutations to see how they would react and work through these situations. However, while L.A. Candy was based on The Hills, the characters and storyline are totally different.

I adored Jane Roberts and Scarlett, but I disliked Gaby (definitely reminiscent of Audrina Partridge) and Madison. I kept rolling my eyes everytime their names popped up in the pages.

However, I did not mind the love triangle between Jane, Braden and Jesse. I liked both Braden and Jesse and liked how Conrad incorporated the love triangle into the mix, the way the book ended was abrupt - way too abrupt. Like, "If you want to see what's installed next on L.A. Candy, purchase my second book!" It really annoyed me, but Lauren, just because it's you, I will purchase the next novel because the story is enough to want to keep up with it.

Fans of The Hills and Lauren Conrad will definitely enjoy this book because it's Lauren. It's not one of my favourite books, but it is a decent read for the weekend.

Happy reading!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

News: Robyn Foyster resigns from AWW

There have been heaps of changes at ACP Magazines. Hot of the press, Robyn Foyster, the editor-in-chief for The Australian Women's Weekly has resigned.

However, the position has been replaced by current deputy editor of the Sunday Telegraph, Helen McCabe.

Happy reading,

MasterChef Australia : Reality TV formula all networks should follow

Holy cheese and crackers! The season finale for MasterChef Australia was larger than Ben Hur. No really! It attracted 3.745 million viewers, making it the most watched TV non-sporting event since the advent of ratings.

Network Ten have a knack of making outstanding shows out of nowhere. Earlier in the year, Ten had lost Big Brother and Thank God You're Here. I remembered many media critics, especially Charles Waterstreet (columnist for Sun Herald) laughing at the concept of MasterChef. How do you judge taste? Viewers can't taste it he would state. Boy, weren't we all wrong.

The reason why MasterChef Australia is so successful lies simply on its format. Network Ten, along with Fremantle Media are geniuses when it comes to reality TV. MasterChef, like Australian Idol takes the viewers to the very beginning - where the judges are selecting the talented amateur chefs, from the appalling ones.

Overtime, the audience starts building a relationship with the contestants and we understand their background, likes and dislikes. No wonder why we were partial to certain contestants. Any Poh or Justine fans out there?

I believe one of the reasons why MasterChef was so successful was that viewers could easily relate to the contestants. Julie Goodwin, mother of three and a IT consultant - many people know a mother who's juggling family and a career. Justine Schofield, a former sales executive who was recently made redundant. In the current economic recession - we all know someone who's been made redundant from their job.

If other commercial TV networks are interested in creating a reality TV competition show, use Network Ten's format for details. Or else, it could end up like Nine's recent HOMEmade.

Even the website for MasterChef Australia is brilliant. The website is easy to navigate and recipes seen on the show are uploaded onto the website within milliseconds. No doubt new Chief Digital Media Officer, Nick Spooner was behind the widgets of the MasterChef website (Spooner was formerly the Chief Operating Officer of NineMSN).

MasterChef Australia will obviously commence next year. My only concern is, it wouldn't have the same innocence as it did this season. I've already checked out the website where applicants can apply for MasterChef Australia 2010 and the stuff needed to get onto the show include a digital photograph of yourself. Now, I don't know what the criteria was for this year's MasterChef competition, but the pre-requisite of a portrait of yourself is a sign that looks will be taken into consideration. If it is, I doubt it'll attract the massive viewing as it did this year.

What are your thoughts Petites? Am I too cynical?

Happy reading!
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