Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bars, Boys and All that Stuff

Bars - a place where professional workers all brood on a Friday night. Some can be so rude. People cutting in front of you in the bar quene. Middle-aged weirdos whose drunken dancing smashes a tray of beer. Packs of young ladies shrieking, drowning out your conversation and people trying to 'hook up' with that hot lass/lad over there.

However, most people attend bars just to blow off some steam. But there is one advice I would like to give to girls (Boys, take heed):

'If a guy who's just spotted you is dumb enough to buy you a drink, then he is dumb enough to be taken advantage of.'

Seriously, if you're interested in someone, please come up to us at a bar and talk. Buying a drink when you haven't introduced yourself to that cute girl isn't going to cut it. Even worse, a girl will take the drink you've just paid for, and run off with the drink, just because you're suggesting other things other than a 'talk'.

Another note to be made? Pick-up lines suck. Girls will always appreciate honesty and a sense of humour as great qualities in a man. A pick-up line seems contrived, which makes it seem dishonest. For women, dishonesty is threatening. Not funny.

Happy reading!


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Very true. Personally, the whole bar pick-up scene makes me shudder a bit - what's attractive to me is getting to know someone, and discovering who they are and what they're about - which is something that can't be revealed with a simple ''hey, can I buy you a drink?!''

Five Foot Nothing said...

Tell me about it! Buying a girl a drink just because you find her hot is so primitive...

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