Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Six Month Bludge

According to the Macquarie Dictionary, the term bludge is:

" n. An Australian, NZ Colloquial term to describe someone who is avoiding responsibilities and almost has no work".

I think this term describes the reason why my blog is remained inactive for the last six months. I have been a bad blogger and I expect it to scream at me at any second now. Who wouldn't scream at someone who hasn't been feeding her favourite confectionery, green apple liquorice? Or go on a six month absence without notice? I wouldn't be a happy lady either.

I shall stop the self depreciating jokes and tell you what's been happening in the last six months.

Until recently, the only sweets I'd been consuming on a regular basis was green apple liquorice. That was until I stumbled onto the quiet streets of Newtown and discovered this little gem:

And until yesterday, I think I consumed approximately 203 pieces of this humble dessert:

Who knew lemons could make delicious desserts? I was taught lemons were acidic little buggers that'll weaken the enamel of your teeth. Maybe it's the copious amounts of sugar used in this dessert, but it has kept me company through the recent examination crisis - where I had to memorise the changes of certain legislations and hear my fellow law comrades moan about closed book exams.

I shall be writing posts which contain more meaningful topics in the near future.

Happy reading!
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