Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recount: An extra ordinary item to brighten up your day

I haven't witnessed or experienced anything extraordinary of late, I shall make this post extra ordinary instead. There's this particular recount I want to share with you. I hope my extra ordinary recount will make your day feel extraordinary.

Here it goes:

I enter a department store, there were a rumble of shoes lying there. I glance at the lady beside me, who picks up a pair of black ballet flats with a bow from the pile.

Next to her was a three year old boy, sucking a lollipop. The boy proceeds to grab the pair of flats from the lady. The lady shocked by this action, takes the ballet flats off the boy, turns him around and slaps him on the bottom.

The boy drops the lollipop onto the floor and cries.

Another lady comes running to the scene.

"How dare you! How dare you hit my son!"

"You're son was trying to steal my shoes!"

"How can they be your shoes? You haven't even purchased it yet!"

"They're my shoes. I saw them first. Besides, your son deserves the slap! If you taught your son manners, I wouldn't have slapped him in the first place!"

"Excuse me! You're not allowed to slap my son in broad daylight. I'm his mum, I choose to see what punishment I see fit!"

"Clearly, you're judgment is wrong!"

The ladies start wrestling one another. The boy stops crying, with his eyes glued to the fight.

Two security guards come charging down to the scene. The guards had to restrain the ladies from having another hit, before carrying them off the scene.

The first lady still clinging onto the ballet flats said, "These are my shoes!"

I hope this recount has made your day extraordinary.

Happy reading!


Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

what kind of woman would slap another woman's child? a crazy one who thinks a new pair of ballet flats is the most important thing in the world. of course. so logical.

Five Foot Nothing said...

Honestly, when I saw that happen, I was shocked. After all, it's only a pair of ballet flats.

But I digress, I've come to realise people value different things. This is one example.

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