Thursday, September 10, 2009

The World of Retail

Retail - a place where school students, uni students, mums, semi-retired workers will work to pay off their weekly expenses. Having worked in pharmacy, fashion and fast food, I've met some interesting customers in my line of work.

Some customers are rude. Some think you should wait for them 24/7 and not to mention throwing bags, shoes and scarves around - and you have to pick up things while they check out other products. Some customers aren't polite. While others won't speak to you in the same manner as they would to their mates because they think you must be really dumb.

You see some of the outrageous ways customers will do to exchange for their purchases. I'll share you one of my experiences:

At one of the shoe stores I previously worked at, a customer wanted to return a pair of heels. I opened the box and a strong acetonic smell hit my nose. I held the pair of heels in my hand, and had black paint on my hands and arms.

"I'm sorry, I can't refund this. You have tampered with the shoes, so we can't take it back."
"Oh no, it's always been like this. I find the soles of the heels are losing colour at a rapid rate".
"You have painted the soles of the shoes. I can't give you a refund because you've damaged the heels".
"You bitch! I want to speak to the manager now!"
I tried to keep a straight face, even though deep down I wanted to rip the customer's hair out.

My manager steps in, seeing the trouble brewing for the back room.
"What's the problem?"
"That bitch won't let me have a refund on the shoes!"
The manager inspects the shoes,
"I'm sorry you can't refund these heels. You have painted the soles of the heels, not to mention, it's still wet".

The customer grudgingly accepts the manager's answer, places the pair of heels in the box, and walks out.

Has anyone had outrageous customer requests during their time in the retail world? I'll like to hear your thoughts, since I don't want to be the only person who's experience such a spat.

FYI: That was the third time I was called a bitch in my life.

Happy reading!


Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

arrrgh ive had SOOO MANY!!! alot from working with shoes... shoes that were OBVIOUSLY worn and they wanted to refund it???

the worst was when a co-worker found a used tampon in a messy changeroom. someone had gone in, tried on clothes, taken out their bloody tampon, put it on the floor and then covered it with the clothes she didnt buy. EWWWWWWWWWW. we sent all the clothes in that pile back.

what is wrong with people!?

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Oh, jeez! That's nasty! I've had plenty, but the worst I encountered were probably when I worked at David Jones for a few months.. there was rudeness, refund-hunger and snobbery galore!

A. said...

I work in a fashion store.

People come in all the time and abuse us because we won't give a refund on an item that they bought 4 months ago, and no longer have the receipt or tags for.

We also get yelled at because we don't have a chair outside the fitting rooms.

It's annoying because all the stuff that people complain about, we don't have control over. It's all through head office/company management.

Kym said...

My God... that is the funniest story I have read today. No sweat my friend, the measure of a man (or woman) is in how he or she treats those in service to that person.

Reality check coming in 5... 4... 3...

Coco said...

SO weird. I work at a juice place and this lady tore up bits of paper, put it in the top of her smoothie and demanded she have a refund since we allegedly "blended up paper in the drink"...huh?!?

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