Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What did you have for breakfast?

In light of Mia Freedman's "What did you cook for dinner last night?" - I'm starting out a new section called, "What did you have for breakfast?"

Most people are eating their cereal, or running to Maccas for an egg and bacon mcmuffin - 5ft0 ate last night's left overs. I had Vietnamese vermicelli noodle salad with spring rolls last night. We made way too many spring rolls for dinner and placed the left overs in the fridge.

I had to make a fresh batch of vermicelli noodles, shredded the lettuce and cucumber as well as getting fresh Vietnamese mint from the garden. With the spring rolls, I had to re-heat them using:

The spring rolls turned out fine in the end too. I should've taken a picture on what my breakfast spread looked like too. But, it resembles like this:

There are two questions I would like to ask is: Do you have breakfast at strange times as well? There are days where I eat breakfast at 1pm because I partied way too hard the night before.

Secondly, do you eat cereal/porridge at other meal times besides breakfast? I've been known to eat cereal at 7pm because I've been too lazy to cook up a simple, nourishing soup for myself.

Am I the only person who is lazy when it comes to cooking breakfast for myself?

Happy reading!

P.S - I use the toaster to re-heat my food so much, my parents have decided to buy a second toaster to re-heat my spring rolls, sausages...even slices of pork roast. Ho-hum.


Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

ohmigod Im sudenly sooo hungry! I don't really eat breakfast, but with all my meds i have to eat SOMETHING when i take them, usually a peice of toast. i always crave a huge breakfast when Im hung over- scrambled eggs, toast, tomato, avocado, hash browns, mushrooms... yum!

A. said...

Yeah, I'll go to bed really late and find myself having breakfast at 1pm. But at that time of day, it usually ends up being a salad sandwich or something :P

I've had pancakes for dinner before though!

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