Thursday, October 15, 2009

Food Review: KFC Mashies

Recently, I tried the limited edition KFC Mashies meal. Here's what it looks like:

I expected the KFC mashies to have a crispy coating, then a soft mash potato centre. Even the advertisements suggested that these mashies would be soft balls of heaven.

Instead, I found that they tasted a lot like deep fried balls of flour. Not even a liberal coating from the little container of gravy made up for that. Their mash potato is passe as it tastes like flour mixed with chicken powder and frankly, KFC should be banned from selling mash potatoes and the latest Mashies, it'll give any person coronary heart disease.

I believe KFC Mashies got this idea from the Dutch meatball snack, bitterballen. It is typically served in pubs and served with Dijon mustard. The outside is crumbed with breadcrumbs, while the inside usually has a creamy meaty texture, with cheese and potatoes thrown into the mix from time to time. Here's what the bitterballen look like:

That certainly looks much more appealing. I shall be trying those soon.

If you're interested in purchasing KFC Mashies for lunch/dinner/afternoon tea - my suggestion? Save your money and purchase a magazine instead.

Happy reading!


Sushi said...

Urgh I saw an ad for these the other day where they were kicking them around with their fingers like mono soccer balls and drowning them in sauce... needless to say, they didn't look very appertising! x Sushi

Coco said...

As far as I know, their mash isn't actual potato, it's a flavour sachet and you just add water. That's why it doesn't taste very authentic.

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