Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apples says to Woolies, "You're new logo is too apple-y".

Greetings 5ft0's,

I want to ask you a question. Does this logo:

Looks similar to this logo?

Good ol' Woolies insists their new logo is in a shape of a 'W'. While Apple thinks, it looks like an apple and they want the 'Straylan supermarket to stop using the logo.

Any reason? Other than Apple believes that Woolies new logo looks way too similar to their nifty little apple. So the question remains, can Apple really claim an apple? Before I go on, here is the criteria for trademark infringements:

- Similarity of the markings;
- Evidence of actual confusion;
- Likelihood of the expansion of the product line;
- Type of goods and the degree of care likely to be exercised by the purchaser;
- Defendant's intent in selecting the markings;
- Proximity of the goods and;
- Strength of the marking.

The last time I checked, Woolworths was well-known for stocking canned food, frozen food, confectionery, delis, stationery and toiletries. While Apple sells iPods, iMacs, iPhones, iTouch - well anything which combines an 'i' and technological gadgets.

Personally, I think this is getting ridiculous. But, I'll leave the question to you. Is Woolies new logo too similar to Apple's logo?

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Emma xx said...

i do think it's getting ridiculous - i wouldn't of 'seen' the apple aspect of the new logo if apple hadn't of made such a big deal out of it. But of course now that's what I think when I see it. Clever move on their part.

What I really want to know is why Woolworths made a logo like this. When I think Woolworths I think red, not green. Strange.

Adele said...

What is the evidence of actual confusion? Who got confused about these logos? LOL, the colours and shapes are entirely different, but I guess there is no accounting for humans and their ability to be silly.
What about this company? I have often wondered about their logo... I wonder if Apple has attempted to sue them?

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i thought it was an apple not a W at first! why does it have a little stalk/leaf thingy at the top?

but aside from that, pfft to apple. why would they care about an aussie supermarket chain thats called Safeways in different parts of the country anyways?

god, i cant even remember what the old woolies logo is! did they have one??

Five Foot Nothing said...


Woolies didn't have a logo par se, it was the word 'Woolworths' in red and these green bar things on the each side.

Hope that helps.

gigdiary said...

oops, very 'appley', very green, and as you said Woolworths was always written in red... someone in graphics has made a very Apple logo, whether intentionally or not....

btw the Beatles had a company called Apple, with an apple insignia long before Apple Computer began. It was on their record labels etc. Apple Computer later sued them. Go figure. Big corp always wins out.

Five Foot Nothing said...

Yes, I heard about that Gig. I mean, could they really claim an apple? Even if isn't half eaten?

I'm truly scared to draw an apple now.

Chickie Little said...

They can claim it's a capsicum rather than an apple...

The two look completely different anyway. Noone would confuse the two for sure!

Five Foot Nothing said...

Ha! They could Chickie Little. If Woolies sees my blog, they should take your advice =)

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