Sunday, August 9, 2009

New celebrity male crush: Charlie Pickering

Fact: Love geeky guys! They're cute!
Lie: I saw Adam Brody and Charlie Pickering catch the 380 bus to the Paddington markets yesterday.

When "The OC" was axed yonks ago, I wondered how will I survive without a weekly dose of Seth Cohen. Now, I've found my new celebrity geeky crush: comedian Charlie Pickering.

I instantly fell in love with Charlie Pickering as host of the 7PM Project and one of the team leaders in Talkin' 'bout your Generation. Pickering possesses a superb knowledge of irrelevant pop culture trivia, funny - not to mention, he recently admitted he had a hard time at school because he was a geek.

Charlie Pickering reminds me of The OC's adorably goofy and hilarious Seth Cohen. I fell in love with Adam Brody for his character as the unpopular geek obsessed with comic books. Most of all, I watched it for his eternal love for Newport's snobby little rich girl, played by the perennial cutie Rachel Bilson.

Personally, I'll date a geek over a pretty boy for these reasons:

1. They don't have as many girls chasing after them - hence, geeks have had to use other means to attract girls, i.e. less corny love notes, treating a girl like a princess. Whereas popular guys are use to girls falling at their feet, and wouldn't have mastered the art of the dating etiquette.

2. You don't have to play dumb - or at the very least, don't hide the fact you're a smart cookie. Unlike the pretty boys, geek guys have no insecurities about their manhood, so they don't feel threatened by a smart, capable female.

3. While the popular guys are way too busy picking up that hot girl from Maccas - geek guys have other interests they're occupied with, i.e. sharpening up their skills in chess/computers/comic books/writing. Hence, they have more interesting things to talk about.

4. They're extremely polite - you definitely won't be hearing crass words from these adorable guys.

5. They're smart, hence they can help you with an assignment/exam you are currently tackling with.

6. Geeks may become your bosses, at the very least, working at a high position of a company one day. It pays to be nice.

For the observant readers out there, I know Charlie Pickering is happily married with a wife - but it's just an innocent crush!

Happy reading,


Glossy Girl said...

Totally agree! I remember how besotted I was with Seth Cohen. Funny this post came up, I started watching old episodes of the OC on the weekend and I'm hooked once again!

Kym said...

Too true. Everyone catches up eventually. They can be all called 'late bloomers'; and for some reason, they all get smokin' hot!! Sans that, there is always plastic surgery. ;)

Love your blog by the way. It's B-E-A-youtiful! I'm a fan. Big fan.

Emma xx said...

thankgoodness someone else see's the similarities! i seriously had a conversation with a friend a few weeks back and i told her that charlie reminded me of seth, and she laughed in my face. glad to know i'm not alone :)

love the blog, will definately be visiting often!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

oh god, i was obsessed with Seth Cohen/Adam Brody (yes, in my opinion they are the same person. i mean, have u seen adam outside of the oc? he is EXACTLY the same!!)

i will always go for a quirky guy over a typically hot one anyday

Anonymous said...

Yes. Charlie Pickering is so hot. He does it for me big time. The first time I saw him on My Gen I just thought "who is that deliciously intelligent man?" There's definitely something wow about him...

Anonymous said...

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