Friday, August 14, 2009

I've found a new way to cook my sausages!

With the advent of MasterChef Australia and watching Poh, Julie and all the other contestants reaching new heights in their culinary skills - my skills have gone down to new lows.

If any of the judges of MasterChef Australia saw what I was cooking for breakfast this morning - or rather, what appliance I used to re-heat my sausages, I would be given a lecture big time.

Last night, I had bangers and mash for dinner. We made more sausages than the whole family could consume - so I placed the remaining leftovers into a container and put it the fridge.

When it came to re-heating the sausages the next day, I was buggered - so buggered that I couldn't take a frying pan, pour some vegetable oil into the pan and cook my sausages in it. I did the unthinkable, out of all utensils I used to cook my sausages - I used this little humble device:

As I was 'cooking' with this device, I shook my head, realising how lazy I truly am. Seriously, I'm developing a morbid fear of my own laziness. With loads of assignments, note-taking and essays coming up - I've come up interesting ways to cook my food.

Just to put me out of misery, do you peeps have inventive ways in re-heating or cooking for food? Or am I the only person in the Great Land Down Under to have put the Australian culinary industry to shame?

Happy reading,

P.S - The sausages tasted great!


Glossy Girl said...

Hehehe, don't worry 5ft0, I'm exactly the same. I love when I have leftovers, merely for the fact it means I don't have to think about cooking/buying more stuff.

And as for your heating option, it's always great to be creative :)

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

HA! That's brilliant, 5ft0! :D I can't think of any recent moments of culinary brilliance (!) that I may have had, but I'm hopeless at whacking almost everything I can in the microwave, sometimes regardless of packet instructions! (Not always recommended - I almost set fire to an apple pie a month ago, gulp.)

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

hahaha i cant cook either. my microwave is my life saver. i can make fried eggs in them haahaha

Emma xx said...

when i was on schoolies this past summer, yes i'm quite young, my best friend and i got very very lazy. the high point of the laziness was probably trying to cook everything on the george foreman: chicken wings, potato, pancakes, name it. started out fun but it wasn't so funny when she gave herself food poisoning...i'm still lazy though, i microwave water to make tea lol!

Five Foot Nothing said...

LOL Lisa! That's what I do with tea as well!

Glossy Girl said...

Hi ladies, since you all comment on my blog, I'll just write a note here (sorry 5ft0!) my blog is going to be shut down for a little bit while I sort out some stuff, but it will be back before you know it and you'll still be hearing from me x

Kym said...

Gotta be honest with you. That does sound rather tasty for some strange reason. Toasted day-old sausages mmm. I can imagine the semi-dry texture!!

I use to put butter on my toast, then toast it again. It gave a really nice crispy flavour mmm. Never mind the potential electric short-circuiting!!!

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