Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Public Transport Etiquette

I think it's safe to say that the majority of us have had unpleasant encounters while travelling on public transport. After catching the train to go to uni for the last three years, I want to publish a book titled "Transport Etiquette" - dealing with all the things people should and shouldn't do on public transport.

I'm so passionate about this issue, I want to publish a book about it and make millions of dollars out of it. Okay, that's a bit to much, maybe a couple of thousands of dollars at least.

5ft0's tips for travelling on public transport:

1. Offer your seat to the elderly, pregnant or disabled passengers.

Finding a seat in peak hour is a blessing. But, I get so annoyed when commuters don't even notice a pregnant passenger standing on the train/bus etc. Seriously, it'll take the waters to break before anyone notices.

2. Keep loud private chat out of the public realm

Whether done face-to-face or through the mobile, speak in a low tone. Personally, I don't care if Mary got it on with the boss at work, or Jerry spending $9,000 on tyres - people either don't care about your life, or being human, will eavesdrop to hear what you're saying.

3. Turn down the volume of your iPod or MP3 player

I thank God for Apple for inventing the iPod and listening to The Beatles to kick-start my morning. However, not all commuters will share your taste in music. Or, they prefer a peaceful start to their morning. Either way, turn down the volume of your iPod - it shows manners and can save you from potential hearing loss.

4. Move down a seat

With public transport, usually there's join seats. At peak hour times of the day, public transport is naturally packed. So please, if you're sitting on an aisle seat and the person on the window seat has left, you must take the window seat. It's just polite to allow people to have the seat on the aisle.

5. When the person from the window seat wants to get out

Please, please, stand up and allow them to get out. Unless I was twig, I'm not skinny enough to walk through that small space. I don't care what you're excuse is (unless your pregnant) - you have two legs, use them.

6. Don't do things you'll only do in the privacy of your bathroom

Please whatever you do, don't cut your fingernails all over the place. The sound is so awkward, not to mention it's gross and spreads disease.

7. Spread out

If you're boarding a crowded train, commuters tend to stand next to the door. If you are getting off at the next stop, fine. If not, please spread out along the aisle. The doorway has to be clear, so people can safely board and leave. Also remember, to let passengers get off the train before you get on.

Holy cheese and crackers, I realised I sound like a cranky old person - but seriously, I don't want to see fingernails lying on the floor.

Have you encountered any rude/gross/unusual experience whilst catching public transport? At least, I can remind myself I'm a 22 year-old girl, and not a 67 year-old geriatric.

Happy reading!


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Oh.. my.. GOD! I couldn't agree with you anymore if I tried. Public transport is probably one of my BIGGEST pet peeves, and it's for all of those very reasons!

gigdiary said...

Rather than the annoying and mind-numbing announcements CityRail bombards commuters with, perhaps they could broadcast your list over the PA, and cover the graffitti inside the train with your commute etiquette suggestions.....

BTW, nice blog, especially with your repeated Beatles references....

Icy @ Individual Chic said...

Been there for 1, I was heavily preggers and the only person who offered me a seat was twice my age had had 6 bags of shopping at her feet. Even after she had set the example (I refused because she was more in need of a seat than me), no-one else offered.

Also 5, JUST STAND UP! And don't give me a dirty look when I make you.

And to add to your list - stand to the left on escalators and let others pass you, and stand to the side when the doors open and let others get off first.

Great post!!!

Glossy Girl said...

Very cute! Public transport is definitely something worth writing about. Damn I wish I could drive!

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