Saturday, August 8, 2009

Austereo: It's time for a change.

I can feel the Legal and PR department over at the Austereo network and Network Ten working overtime due to the Kyle Sandilands saga. In particular with the Austereo network, I have no idea why the network didn't realise that their loud-mouth asset could bring the whole network down.

Personally, I feel the whole Austereo network team should've realised they were raising a big problem back in 2000, when Kyle started out as a night-time host at the Hot 30 Countdown. Even then, Kyle was bullying producers around, and criticising other announcers within the Austereo family.

Then in 2005, Kyle and Jackie O got their wish, being hosts of the breakfast show. Of course, they brought it the ratings and advertisers - but also, Sandilands demanded the delay "dumb" button to be taken off. Hence, the people in running the Kyle and Jackie O were in charge of a zoo.

Honestly, the breakfast show can be liken to the things Jerry Springer use to do. What happened over a week in regards to the fourteen-year-old announcing she had been raped as a twelve-year-old is a trademark for Kyle and Jackie O show. A few weeks ago, there was a masturbation competition as Kyle, Jackie's husband and their newsreader all gave sperm samples to see who was the most 'manly'.

Right now, Kyle is shaking his head thinking "Why has this happened to me?" It's a bit like a kid who's been getting away with any sorts of trouble for years from the parents, and now he's suddenly kicked in the guts, wondering why he has been punished.

For years now, Kyle and Jackie O are surrounded by yes-people. Why? People tune into the show, it's the number one breakfast radio show in Sydney. Hence, money is coming into the station in millions.

I hope Jackie O gets a lot of punishment too. She isn't the sweet, serene person perceived on television and radio - if she condones Kyle's behaviour, then she's just a twisted person herself.

My advice to Austereo? It's about time you created a new breakfast show which doesn't resemble a Jerry Springer talk-show.

Rant over,


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Agreed. I don't listen to either of them and haven't since I was about 13 and listening to The Hot 30, but I'm over constantly reading about their ridiculous antics in the media - enough's enough!

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