Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Self-Defeating Purpose of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery. The only surgery procedure where patients are allowed to practice their self-diagnosis. These include:

"My thighs touch one another. They jiggle too much."

"I still have eye bags under my eyes".

"My nose looks crooked. It doesn't look straight like Jennifer Aniston's."

These patients are not physically sick, nor are they suffering from a diagnosable disease. Nevertheless, they go to the surgeons and demand to fix up a certain part of their body which they deemed to be a problem. Many patients will show surgeons showing pictures of Jennifer Aniston's nose or Miranda Kerr's cheekbones. At times, I do find it amusing and sad at the same time for these patients, walking into a surgeon's office with absolute certainty that a certain procedure will fix up their ugly bits.

What's unsettling to me is the fact some magazines are reporting on cosmetic surgery and Botox, normalising these procedures even more. I remember flicking through the November 2008 issue of Shop Til You Drop and there was an article titled "Masterclass: Botox". A registered nurse by the name of Rand Rusher who offers advice to those interested in receiving Botox.

When Rusher is asked the question: "When can someone start using Botox?" Her response? "My advice is to do it before you need it, as a preventative measure - it can help to stop wrinkles from arising."

I shook my head at this article. But as Death Wears Diamond Jewellery commented on her recent post, beauty journalists don't have free reign. It all ties in with the advertisers. Sure enough, Rusher was indirectly advertising her own skincare brand, 'Leaf & Rusher'.

Personally, cosmetic surgery is a self-defeating purpose. The aim of cosmetic surgery is too look young and to have a 'better version of yourself'. Many will use cosmetic surgery to physically stop the aging process, but that's impossible. You can't stop aging. However, many are willing to fight this. Why fight something that can't be won?

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Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

awesome post. I'm not against cosmetic surgery if it is going to improve someone's quality of life but i think it gets to a point of being ridiculous.

anti-aging procedures seem pointless. no matter what you inject into your body, it is going to age. and it will show. why not just do it gracefully? suggesting the use of botox before wrinkles even exist is one of the stupidist things ive ever heard. it sucks how socially acceptable plastic surgery is now days.

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