Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fashion Book Review: Nina Garcia - The One Hundred

I know I'm late jumping the Nina Garcia bandwagon. From Elle US to Marie Claire US - not to mention her work on Project Runway and Ugly Betty has made this woman well-known on an international scale.

This book lists Garcia's top 100 pieces and items that every woman needs. The positive? Garcia tells women while you can buy clothes and accessories on a regular basis to stay in trend, you can't buy style. Bless her!

Garcia's list is extensive, moving from the staple little black dress, vintage accessories to the trench coat - there's something here for everyone. Though I do disagree on some of the items she's listed in the book - does anyone think leather pants are a classic item?

The book has its flaw - I feel like she peppers her list too liberally with quotes, many of which were irrelevant to her project, as though she doesn't trust her own opinion. I feel her list isn't a 'surprise', I know many people will list things such as jeans, blazer and knee-high boots on their list. Also, while Garcia emphasises that this is HER list, I know many readers will take her advice to heart and copy her style. For instance, wide-leg trousers were on Garcia's list as well. If you're like 5ft0 like myself, you'll look like a penguin wobbling along Antarctica.

However, I do like how Garcia explains why she chose these items on her list, providing a brief history on fashion designers such as Chanel and Christian Dior and the recommended brands for these basic items (although most are high end).

Overall, Garcia's book is like a timeless issue of Vogue, where fad items are non-existent. It's a pleasant read and one that'll definitely send you running to your wardrobe to see what you own and how you can style it.

Garcia is currently working on her third fashion book for HarperCollins. The book titled, "The Style Strategy: A Less is More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart", will be a guide to dress expensively on a budget and will come out this August.

Happy reading!


Lots of Gloss said...

What a great review. It's definitely on my list of things to read... who wouldn't want to read a book that's like a timeless issue of Vogue?

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