Thursday, January 22, 2009

"They're not fake, they're artificial recreations".

I went into Westfield's Parramatta yesterday with the intention in going to the Groove store and pick up jewellery for a mere 75 cents.

I hadn't been to Parra in a while, and was surprised that my bargain store had been closed down-with another shop put in place.

I can't remember the name of the store, but it sold costume jewellery and bags. On closer inspection, the bags displayed were counterfeit designer bags. Like this elegant Chanel 2.55. I asked the sales assistant how much the bag cost, "It's $99. We don't think they're fake, but they're artificial recreations."

I couldn't justify spending $99 on a bag that smelt like PVC glue-nor do I buy a bag with shoddy craftsmanship. I glanced at other 'artificial recreation' bags around the store, there were a few Jimmy Choo bags with a tag price blazing $400 and a Louis Vuitton denim bag which was around $450. After seeing all of this on display, I ran out of the store.

Personally, I'd buy a real bag because at least I know the product being made isn't going to help the thieves fund their counterfeit business. For those who love buying counterfeit goods, especially designer bags-you've got good taste, but I'm sure you're just a fake yourself.

Rant over,


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