Saturday, January 17, 2009

I spent way too much...

With shops such as Shoobiz closing 43 stores across Australia, I feel guilty about my shopping purchases.

I spent $57.45 yesterday.

I originally went down to Woolies to buy milk, 1kg of tomatoes, pasta, cabanossi, lettuce and Norsca deodorant. My eyes glanced into Suite 62 and with $10 or $20 signs spread across the room, I decided to go in. What did you know? Underneath all that debris, I found a really cute business dress that suits petites!

Cameron Bow Dress, was $59.95-now $20

This isn't the best photo, but it looks great on. I thought the dress looked a bit Chanel without the hefty price tag.

I headed into Sportsgirl and found out this nifty book:
Was $45, now $14.95

The book written by Kira Jolliffe and Bay Garnett have compiled some great interviews from Karl Lagerfield, Mischa Barton and Vivenne Westwood. Get this book right now! Especially since Borders are charging this book at $49, this is a bargain!

Feeling giddly about my first two purchases, my last stop was Equip. I never buy jewellery or accessories at full price, I always go in when there's a sale. Besides who wants to pay $30 for a bag which only cost a mere 50c to produce? I picked up these two things:
Tan Leather Clutch-was $29.99, now $15

Nude silk scarf with bells-was $19.99, now $10

In the space of one hour, I dropped that much money. Then I thought I was doing my little bit for the economy and I saved heaps of money buying these things. Ohh...females and their ability to try and rationalise any purchase as being an investment *sigh*.


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