Monday, January 26, 2009

Fashion News: Louis Vuitton's Mens Range

Louis Vuitton have launched their menswear range in Paris last Friday. The inspiration? Africa with an Euro-chic flavour said Paul Helbers, designer for LV's menswear range. Now, I'm sure this isn't the 'basics' range the LV execs are harping on about-but it's a start my Petites...a start.

The range included razor cut blazers, sporty nylon jackets, deep v-neck sweaters and slim trousers. The ultimate accessory for men for winter? Lightweight, oversized scarves. Aussie guys, take note!

A sign that LV is opening its doors to the 21st Century is allowing Kanye West design a pair of high-top sneakers for the label. The sneakers are embossed in the LV monogram and come in white, black, beige, blue and red. They'll hit in boutique stores across the northern hemisphere in June 2009. No word if they'll hit Aussie shores.

Communications director for LVMH, Antoine Arnault has said this menswear range is more wearable than previous seasons. Of course, it needs to be if people are tightening their wallets and want clothes which are of 'better value'-i.e. versatile and can be worn...anywhere.

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