Monday, January 26, 2009

Fashion News: Chain Store Stuff

  • The new Australian Winter 2009 collection for Nine West is slowly being released in stores. However, if you've noticed Nine West Australia is turning into a bag store, you're right. Their response to the economic crunch is through handbags. Why? They're cheaper make as none of their bags are made of real leather and when it comes to sales time-they don't have to decrease the prices as much as their shoes.
  • Equip Accessories in QVB are closing down soon due to renovations. The closing down date is around March 2009. Shop big time!
  • As you've heard, Shoobiz is closing down 43 out of its 51 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Figgins Group, which also owns Mollini and Midas as well as Shoobiz have stated the closure was due to 'changes in consumer demand'. Good news for us, shoes have been reduced by 50%-so for all you fashionistas out there who like great shoes at an affordable price, Shoobiz is the place to go.
  • Betts Shoe Store in Pitt Street Sydney, are closing down as well. Next door, Zu shoes have opened up its new HQ in Sydney Central Plaza. Again Petites, good time to spend spend spend!
  • As said before, Witchery Men are opening up in March 2009. More details on this later.

Happy Shopping!


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