Thursday, January 22, 2009

Witchery are marketing geniuses...

For those of you who don't live in Sydney, here's the scoop. I first read this story on the weekend newspapers where a girl named Heidi Clarke was trying to find the guy who left his jacket at a cafe. Clarke recounts that their cafe order was mixed up with mystery man, with whom she had a short conversation but experienced 'a connection' with.

Now, the Sydney Morning Herald have exposed this as a marketing scam by Witchery, who are soon to promote their men's range of clothing. Heidi Clarke isn't a real person, but a girl who modelled the Spring/Summer 2007 collection for Witchery. People have felt duped by this campaign-leaving negative comments on the website.

The video has now been removed-but I don't care if I felt duped by this whole campaign. In fact, this is marketing genius! Naked Communications and in particular, advertising consultant Jonathan Pease should be congratulated for this. Witchery didn't have to spend money in pulling this campaign and it generated tons of publicity.

The acting was atrocious, the model should never ever give up her day job. But I can't wait to see Witchery's new men's range soon!
Watch the footage here.

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Polly said...

Haha, that's pathetic. Check out the response videos, soooo much better!

Five Foot Nothing said...

I have seen the response videos-very amusing in my opinion.

I liked the YouTube video where the guy allegedly stole Heidi's he was a good actor.

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