Sunday, January 4, 2009

I poo poo Mimco

I'm annoyed about Mimco products at the moment-especially with this fugly bag called the 'Exotic Natural Lady Everyday Bag'. I usually like Mimco products, but with the type of products they're selling lately-they're ripping off customers.

This bag retails for $899 and it boasts to be the best luxury bag-as it uses snakeskin printed, embossed and patent finished Italian leather. Apparently, there are 50 being produced-hence the expensive price. I don't care how expensive it is, you've made snakeskin accessories the most tackiest item ever.

Not only that, I dislike the way Mimco has jacked up prices for products which were once considered affordable. Like your trademark 'Powder Zip Top Button Bag'- it use to retail for $400, then you increased the price to $450. Why oh why? Don't tell me the economic crisis was to blame.

The jewellery is another one of my pet hates-why sell $149 for a piece of jewellery that is gold plated? Don't tell me it's because you're using Swarovski crystals-that's ridiculous. I'd rather go into Diva and Equip for the latest items thanks.

Another thing? While some of your shoes are gorgeous, especially your Thumberlina cane ballet flats in snow schiaparelli- stick with bags and jewellery dear.

Rant over,


Anonymous said...

Great blog. You pick out a couple of bags from the entire Mimco collection and make sweeping statements. I love it, even the last sentence makes no sense. Attempts to be postmodern? Pooo Pooo Poo-stmodern.

Anonymous said...

I admire your ambition to change the last sentence. Continue your corrections - your sentence remains ungrammatical.

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