Thursday, December 18, 2008

Petite Friendly Kookai Sale

We all have the urge to splurge this month and Kookai is no exception. Starting tomorrow, Kookai are having a 30% off sale storewide with all their clothes and accessories. This sounds like heaven to me.

They do great v-neck tops, as well as dresses, shorts and jackets fitted for a petite girl. I consider Kookai to be the upper-class version of Supre.

Petites, I must show you the stunning collection of party dresses that are so gorgeous-you'll dump Brad Pitt to go and see this. You'll expect to pay more than your standard Kookai prices-but these frocks are worth a look.

Tanah Sunset Dress-$450

Tahitian dress-$550

There was this other frock I saw at Kookai Oxford Street, it was a black boob tube dress with a diamante spider brooch in the middle. I don't have the picture here, but before the sales the dress cost $1050. While these frocks are worth a look, you might as well save your pennies for the essential items such as great tops, t-shirts and pretty skirts.

Hope that interests you my fellow Petites and I shall see you soon!

Happy shopping!


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