Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Signs Anna Wintour is Tired of Fashion

In a previous post, I typed out how Anna Wintour may be leaving US Vogue forever as her contract with magazine publisher Conde Nast is coming to a close. Sources from the New York Post have presented this:

“Her contract is up soon,” an insider said. “She’s thinking of retiring. She feels she’s done it all and had enough. She has been putting out feelers to intimate friends recommending a possible replacement to S.I. Newhouse. She’s so tired out, she just let Men’s Vogue close instead of fighting for it.”

The last part of the sentence, is true too. Back in September, Conde Nast folded Men's Vogue magazine into Vogue. Previously, Men's Vogue had been published ten times a year. The folding of Men's Vogue was due to the "U.S. financial meltdown". Considering Men's Vogue is one of Wintour's babies, along with Teen Vogue and Fashion Rocks, it was interesting that Wintour didn't bother fighting with Newhouse in order to keep the magazine afloat.

In another article by the New York Post, it quoted, "Elle's October issue scored 66 more advertising pages than Vogue", a figure that won't sit well with Newhouse. To add insult to injury, rumours have been flying about that Russian Vogue editor, Aliona Doletskaya will be the next US Vogue editor.

If these rumours turn out to be true, it'll be the end for a fashion era.


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