Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scuff marks...arggh!

Hey sorry my fellow petites! I've been neglecting this blog for a while. So many things have happened since my last post. There were things which haven't gone my way. There were dramas I never thought I'll experience at such a young age. Most of all, I feel liberated that I can spread my wings and pursue a career which I'm passionate about.

Nevertheless, a reader asked me a question, in regards to shoes:
"Is there a way to get rid of scuff marks on leather shoes?"

As Bob the Builder would say, "YES YOU CAN!"

The best way to get rid scuff marks is using acetone a.k.a nail polish remover. Take a cotton swab or a white cloth and put some nail polish remover on it. Dab it onto the marks and slowly scrub it. Dry using some clean cotton balls.

This method can be used on patent leather shoes as well. Word of caution, don't leave the acetone on patent leather for too long, or else the glossy coating will disappear.

Stay tune for the next post: How to take care of your shoes.


Anonymous said...

AHHAH It actually kinda works! But not on patent leather.
Re your comment- no I can wear flats, because heels make me stand out, I like to stand out.


Five Foot Nothing said...

Hand-sanitisers work as well.

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