Friday, May 8, 2009

Shoes Over Boys

Without any hestiation, I will choose a cute pair of shoes over a guy any day. People may look at me funny when I tell them that - but I've had more crushes on shoes than I do with guys. Seriously...

There are a few pair of shoes I want to get my little hands on really soon. Here are my top picks:

Ravino - Glamour Puss, $169.95.

I love anything with a cute bow - it adds that Alice in the Wonderland innocence to any outfit. It's available in black, beige and navy. My personal favourite is the navy. It's a versatile pair of platform shoes and it's cute! If you're interested, it's available at WantedShoe.

Miss Brazil - Peep Toe Shoes, $275

Patent black heels are still on the rage this winter. I'm loving these amazing cut-out broque style heels from Peep Toe. Ahh...I wish they were on my feet right now. Mimco did a similar pair of shoes called the Achilles heels and it retailed for $499. Seriously, I know which one I would prefer.

Today- Nine West, $139

Another pair of shoes with a bow on it - the Chanel inspired 'Today' shoe from Nine West. It's available in black and beige. Oh dear, I'm addicted to bows.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend my fellow Petites!


Icy said...

Love those last pair, so very me!

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