Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prince William doesn't do it for me

I'm unfazed with Prince William's arrival to Sydney today. I know many girls are in shock that I'm not besotted by Prince William's looks. After watching a shot of Prince William greeting people in New Zealand yesterday, he looks like a pasty pompous prince with a bald patch on his head.

I'm having a crush on this Prince:

Yes, I admit I'm a shallow person and a silly girl on top of that. But he looks like a guy who can laugh at himself. Sure, he's done some stupid things such as wearing a Swastika armband to a party, embarrassing the Royal Family in the process. Or getting caught smoking pot and drinking in 2002.

But today, I'm here to admire the aesthetics of this young Prince.

Happy perving!


Alex. said...

I like William, but I also like Harry :)

I am still sad about Princess Diana's tragic death, even though it was all those years ago. She could have done so much more good if she wasn't killed.

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i'm also unfussed by all the prince william in sydney talks. who caaarrreees honestly?

Siobhan said...

Prince Harry is the more fun of the two I'll give you that, but in all honesty royalty in this day in age is a bit of a waste of time/money. But, the Princes do get my respect for joining the military and actually doing something rather than quaff champagne with my taxes.

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