Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There's Nothing Wrong to Admit You're Fine the Way You Are

WARNING!: I personally don't have anything against the beauty industry. I love using oil cleansers, blush, lip gloss, mascara and eyeshadow as much as other girls.

I was walking around at a shopping centre on the weekend, when some sales assistant approached me.

"Hello there! You're skin is so beautiful! You look like Lucy Liu!"
*cue for blushing*
"Oh why thank you!"
"Do you want to improve your skin even more?"
"No, I'm happy with myself".
The sales assistant was stunned.

Is it really arrogant to admit that you're happy with what you got? Do I sound like I'm up myself? I know I won't make it as a supermodel ever - but I'm human. I'm not perfect, and never will be.

I don't understand people's obsession and persistence to obtain physical perfection. I do understand how good it feels to wear a new outfit to a party. I do understand how it feels to get a new haircut. I do understand how it feels when you've picked the perfect lip gloss. Buying the latest anti-wrinkle cream to erase your wrinkles? Or buying whitening lotion to whiten your skin? That I don't understand.

It's amusing how the beauty industry is built on peddling nonsense. Selling products that don't really work to people who don't really need them at prices they can't afford. One moment, you could be minding your own business, daydreaming the day away. Then the next minute, a guy tells you that their face cream will make you look like Megan Fox. You buy the face cream. The next, you discover that's not true. Their face creams make your face greasier, and your wallet lighter. Not to mention you're now paranoid that your face isn't crash hot.

I think one of the biggest mistakes (as women), is that we've bought into the lie fed to us thanks to our celebrity-obsessed, Western-society ideals that teaches us that 'beauty equals perfection'. If we're not perfect...then we're not beautiful.

Beauty isn't about the number on the scale. Or the measurement of your hips, bust and waist. Or your dress size. Or shoe size. Or popularity. Or how fashionable we are. Or our hairstyle. Beauty isn't what the fashion industry says it is. Beauty is not even what the beauty industry says it is.

Maybe we need to re-define the word beauty. There's nothing wrong with liking dress ups, make-up, fashion, getting a new haircut and spa treatments. But those things are just extra stuff, not the true meaning of beauty.


Katie said...

I hope I don't become someone obsessed with lotions and potions when I get older...

gigdiary said...

Beautifully written post and sentiments. I look forward to reading more.

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