Friday, February 5, 2010

A Sugarholic's Diary

My friend Jane* believes I'm addicted to sugar. I beg to differ. Even though I hide lollies around my room, doesn't make me guilty of being a sugarholic.

Sure, I like sweet food. Everyone does.

7:30 am: I'm busy reading the newspaper. Oooh, sugar! I want it in my cereal.

10:14 am:
I'm typing an article for a website. Oooh, biscuits! I grab three of those.

10:15 am:
I'm feeling tired. Oooh, chai lattes! I run downstairs to the cafe to purchase this.

12:00 pm: Lunch time. I walk to the kitchen and as I grab my lunch something grabs my attention. Oooh, choc-chip cookies! I grab one.

4:00 pm:
Again, I walk down the kitchen. The jar's empty. I say out loud to anyone who could hear me, "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?" I'm getting stroppy with my co-workers afterwards.

5:00 pm: TGIF drinks! Oooh, I want some lemon and lime bitters with vodka please. I'm happy again.

9.:30 pm: Having dinner with the other half. Oooh, tiramisu. Should I have it? I've eaten way too many sweets all day. Bugger it, have it.

Three hours later, I feel sorry that I divulged in so many sugary foods. I only have two packets of Oreos, a box of Cadbury favourites and Pop Tarts hidden in my room. It's decreased heaps.

Oh bugger it! I open up a packet of Tim Tams and bite both ends, stick it into a mug of hot chocolate and use it like a straw.

In hindsight, I look at this timeline and wonder if I am a sugarholic. Does anyone feel guilty at the amount of sweets they eat at times? Oh please, don't tell me I should attend Sugarholic Anonymous meetings!

Happy reading,

P.S - Parts of this entry may be slightly fabricated for entertainment value.

* Names have been changed for privacy reasons.


Tina said...

I eat sugar ALL THE TIME.

This all seemed pretty familiar to me, except that instead of grabbing the one chocolate chip cookie, I would've been all, "hmm. I guess I'll eat the entire package."

Kate said...

My weakness is gumballs. I will eat them like candy...which they are!

Tell me more about 'lemon and lime bitters with vodka'! Sounds way too good.

Five Foot Nothing said...

Hey Kate,

Lemon, lime and bitters with vodka is a favourite drink of mine, really popular in Australia.

The drink consists of vodka, aromatic bitters, lemon cordial (or lemon juice), lemon squash and ice cubes. Place all these ingredients in a jug and stir it gently.

Hope that helps =)

Rob said...

Your schedule is like mine. Only the sugar-related incidents would be subsituted with googling pictures of ugly babies. I think we both know which one of us has a problem hmmph..*looks at you with pointed eyes and raised eyebrows*

Siobhan said...

Thats not so bad, i can't allow junk food in my flat as I've no sense of self control and will eat it all at once. Basically I'm a taller less blue version of Cookie Monster.

Another David said...

See, this is why I try not to think too hard about what I eat haha

Kym said...

You hide sugar in your room? Oh dear... LOL.

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