Monday, October 17, 2011

Bulletin Board: Another attempt at being up myself

Major news as to the reason why I'm not blogging as often as I should be on this website is because I'm radiating a huge smile that I wish you readers could see. Here's a picture of my toothsome smile:

The reason why my beaming smile could light up the neon lights of Las Vegas is because I'm now working at Immigration Solutions Lawyers. As many people can tell you, any gig which revolves around your passion is something pursuing.

What I really wanted is a mentor and combining my passion in media and law into one, it was like the universe heard my calls and this job dropped in my lap. The legal industry is still trying the grasp the concept of online media and I was exciting to inject a bit of pizazz into this world. As we all know, making legal related stories interesting is a hard job to follow.

So if you want to follow up on any news related to immigration law, or law in general, just search me here.

Though my profile on the website is not up yet, when it does, I'll definitely show it to you because I like to be applauded with my achievements.

Now, I must get off the soap box before someone else thinks I've become a massive know-it-all.

Happy reading,


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