Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Basic Summer Shorts and Skirts

I finished uni yesterday, I decided to go into the city in search of a good pair of shorts and skirt. Five hours of shopping and I managed to purchase two items of clothing from a store called Marcs. Here are the two items:

Straight Cotton Tulip Skirt in Light Grey, $159 (also available in black)

Button Detailed Shorts in Black, $129.

With the tulip skirt, you either wear it casually or dress it up for work or dinners. Personally, I'd wear either a fitted top, or a ruffle collared shirt with it. Same with the shorts. These fitted me perfectly, I bought them immediately!

I'm making a mission to find these basics pieces of clothing at a wide range of prices. Not everyone will buy a $129 pair of shorts, so I'm hunting down a pair of shorts for under $80 by the end of the week.


LRG said...

nice little blog!
keep on doing

Nike said...

cute blog, but you have to grow ;)

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