Monday, November 17, 2008

It's at Rodeo Show, babe.

Hello my fellow petites! I am sorry to have neglected this blog for five days, which is a lifetime in the World Wide Web. I have been busy with uni work-finishing up my assignments and exams and now, I'm done!

Today, I walked into one of my favourite shops of all times-Rodeo Show. The owner/designer of Rodeo Show, Lisa Thai creates pretty, summery dresses, tops and shorts that suit petite people. Most of the clothes are around the $99-$250 range. What I love about Rodeo Show dresses in particular, is that you can throw it on without fiddling with zippers and what not, and still look pretty. Also, what I find with Rodeo dresses, they are made for petite girls with hourglass figures as they are nipped at the waist to show-off your pocket size curves. This is the dress I ended up buying:

Sierra Dress in red, $149. (Also available in cream and yellow)

I love the lace around the collar of the dress and if you closely at the hem of the dress, it is pleated as well. It's something I would wear to have coffee with the girls.

With Rodeo Drive, there are a limited amount of dresses, tops and shorts available, to ensure exclusivity-so you won't be faced with a girl wearing the same outfit as you! The store also stocks Erana & Daska jewellery, with the range costing from $25-$90.
Some of the Erana & Daska jewellery on display.

Dresses, jackets, shorts and tops available at the store.

Rodeo Show is located at 56 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021. However, another store stocking these products is Luxe Boutique located at 20G, Sydney Central Plaza at Sydney NSW 2000. However, they only stock a small amount of Rodeo Show products in store-but nevertheless, it is worth a look.

Anyway, take care my fellow petites and I'll sign in soon.


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