Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Classic Blazer

Blazers were popular this year and there are so many of them-oversized, cropped, tuxedo, you name it. However, I find many women won't wear one because it looks way too formal. Others find it difficult to find a blazer that fits them. If you're big busted and petite like myself, you have trouble finding blazers that aren't tight around the chest. Then you have the issue of the sleeves being way too long. The best solution is to find a tailor that makes great blazers. If you'll rather buy ready-made blazers, then I've found some that suit petite people in a range of prices:

Economy class: Sheike, Get Smart Jacket, $159.95

I find Sheike make fashionable business clothes for women. They are suitable for petite people as their clothes are of a smaller make than Witchery or Cue for instance. If you go visit Sheike stores, ask the shop assistant for their classic 'Black Vertigo' jacket. It has three buttons and retails the same price as the Get Smart jacket.

Rodeo Show-Rabbit Tuxedo Jacket, $299

Rodeo Show make great clothes for petite people and this cropped jacket is another reason why I'm a devotee to this boutique shop.

First Class: Oxford pinstripe wool blazer in Navy, $395

Oxford is another reputable brand which creates great blazers. What I love about this is the pockets and how much detail is placed into every piece of their clothing. Oxford Shop has recently opened a new store at Chatswood Westfield and they're having an opening sale with 40% off most items. This promotion only lasts until Friday 21st November, so get there quickly to nab great bargains.

These are some of the few I wouldn't hesitate to buy and it fits perfectly for petite girls. Happy shopping!


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