Sunday, November 30, 2008

Loving the Markets

There are many reasons why Sydney-siders all flock down to the Glebe markets on a Saturday. You'll find many unique items at this particular market-from spoon wind chimes to 70s style satchel bags.

At one of the stores, they were selling Erana & Daska jewellery from $10-$30. This is a huge bargain, considering many department and boutique stores will sell this between $25-$90. The trick with market shopping is patience-you have to be willing to go through all the 'junk' in order to find a gem. Anyway, I found these two items from the Glebe markets:

Leather bound journal-$10

I was patting myself on the shoulder for buying this. Stores such as Kikki-K, Smiggle and stationery stores will sell these journals for at least $40. If it was an A4 or bigger, it'll be $80.

Vintage metal gold belt with diamantes, $30

You don't see belts made like this anymore. Usually, $30 will get you a belt made of vinyl material. If you want to spend money on a good belt, expect to pay at least $50 for one made of leather-if you're lucky. At high fashion chain store Cue, some of the belts retail around $100 or more. They are beautiful belts, but the average person won't spend folk $100 on a belt.

The Glebe Markets are opened every Saturday from 10 a.m-4 p.m. It's in Glebe Public School, at the corner of Derby Road and Glebe Point Road.

For fashionistas, you'll find many vintage clothes and accessories. It's also home to vinyl records, spoon wind chimes and Ned Kelly armoury.


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