Friday, April 24, 2009

Chain-Store Wars

I haven't been shopping in Portmans for a while - but I feel ever since Miranda Kerr is no longer spokesperson for the reputable brand, it's been flying under the radar. Not a good sign when competing with other stores such as Sportsgirl, Witchery and Country Road.

Portmans has been known to make stylish business clothing at an affordable price (take note Cue, David Lawrence, Jigsaw and Saba). The savvy marketing department have decided "You know what? We want 22-30 year olds shopping for our brand". I hope this will bring them out of their rut, at the same time, I don't want them to be jacking up their prices because "it's inspried by catwalk fashion". Seriously, who would pay $219 for these Vibe boots from Sportsgirl?

Anyway, it looks like Portmans are keeping the recession in mind. The Gorgeous Denim collection is a good step for the brand, with jeans retailing at $59.95 - this will walk out the door fast. I also like some of the clothes on sale for Portmans, like this one:

1. Short sleeve Bengaline work dress with skinny belt - $99.95
2. Long sleeve Belted light weight trench- $99.95
3. Flower belt - $19.95
4. Full length opaques black - $14.95
5. Bracelet with flower beanie black - $24.95

With stuff like this, I think Portmans will do just fine.

Happy shopping!


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