Thursday, January 7, 2010

5ft0's New Years Resolution - after this post...

5ft0's New Years Resolution: To stop writing anything related to customers on this blog.

I love sales, even at the place I work. I keep going back to the rack that has the light denim vest, reduced from $110 to $60. I remember seeing this vest on a magazine and now there's an identical piece out of nowhere - reduced. I can't take my eyes away from them. They're even in size ten - my size.

I'm eyeing them for the one hundredth time when a customer strides towards me. She was holding a silk maxi dress and a white denim mini skirt.

"Excuse me, where's the fitting rooms?"
"They are over here. Just go straight and Margaret will help you out."
The lady looks at the line for the fitting rooms. Over twenty people were lining up.
"Can't you make the line go any faster?"
"No I can't. The other customers are in the same position as you. Waiting for a fitting room to change as well."
The lady sighs heavily.
"Look I've got a party to go soon. I don't have time to wait for the queue."
"There's not much I can do but..."

The lady cuts me off mid-sentence and walks towards the big mirrors at the front of the store. She takes off the grey dress she was wearing and starts trying on the maxi dress. All the customers look at her.

"What?" the lady exclaims.


Katie said...

Oh gosh this sounds like a nightmare hahaha. I always thought working retail would be fun and you'd get first choice of the new clothes and a decent discount.. customers can be crazy though hahaha

Oh *sigh* I would love a new job. My biggest regret is getting into the industry I'm in now. I could have been a personal trainer, or a teacher, or something that would make me happy not a bloody INSURANCE BROKER but now i can't take the pay cut and i can't go back to uni for 3 years

bla bla bla. maybe i should also not write about work xo

Katie said...

Oh and I just read green apple liquorice oh my now I want that so badly! Hahahahhaha!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

retail can be depressing. but you have to look at at with humour. which there is ALOT of. customers are hilarious! they always think the world revolves around them.

gigdiary said...

now that is a real woman! intent on purchasing the dress, doesn't give a rip about decorum....

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