Thursday, February 11, 2010

Double Standards for Double Ds

Sometimes, I don't understand why society imposes double standards for double Ds. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that Heidi Montag had ten cosmetic surgery procedures done on her, including upgrading her breasts from a double D to a triple D. What was more astounding is that people applaud Heidi for showing off her surgically enhanced cleavage.

Then you get Jessica Simpson, whose cleavage is au-naturale, is ridicule for showing her boobs in public. Recently, Jessica Simpson went out to dinner in a low-cut dress, leading to instant drama in Twitter. To make matters worse, Simpson often posts a picture of herself displaying a lot of cleavage, which caused a serious Twitter backlash. Let's face it, we're obsessed with breasts. You only need to glance a copy at the latest issue of Ralph magazine to realise that.

Though the question is, would people have been offended and insulted if Simpson's breasts were fake? I mean, women with small breasts feel shamed and are presured into having cosmetic surgery to increase their breast size. If that scares them, they can walk into in a lingerie store and purchase a push-up bra. Once they do either of those things, they are allowed to display them for all the world to see - like they're an investment.

Meanwhile, women who are blessed with big breasts are ridiculed and are pressured to wearing high cut dresses and blouses to avoid any attention.

Why should we celebrate one young woman who decides she needs ten different surgeries to make herself look perfect? While another is content with her body, but is punished. How is any lady in today's society expected to feel good?

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Another David said...

I didn't realize people were praising Heidi, everything I've heard has been relatively negative. She looked better before...

From a guy's perspective, it always seemed to me that the girls with big boobs were always being told to cover up by girls who were quite simply jealous.

Siobhan said...

I think a lot of this double standard is a lot to do with a subversive misogny that exists in western society. Women are lucky enough in western society to be educated, earn their own money, and control their bodies. But there is this subtle persavive message out there that suggests you will never be 'enough': Beautiful, well you can be more so, or if you dare to think you are ok as you are, how dare you flaunt that confidence?

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