Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heinz - Chicken in a Can

When Jessica Simpson uttered the famous comment, “Is this chicken what I have, or is it fish?” The workers over at ‘Chicken of the Sea’ must’ve shook their heads in disappointment.

Recently, I’ve been shaking my head in disappointment with Heinz’s new product – Chicken in a Can. Their new tagline? "Real chicken just got interesting again."
To me, it's gotten a whole lot disgusting.

I’m use to eating a succulent roast chicken which has been cooking away in the oven for an hour. Not from a can. I don’t even eat tuna in a can – so chicken is beyond me. The only meat I buy in a can is dog food. There’s something unsettling about chicken that’s been shredded to eternity, resembling more like cat food than chicken.

At the same time, I feel I am being hypocritical. Chicken has been in tinned cans for yonks, think Campbell’s chicken soup, or any tinned can soup with the ingredients chicken mentioned in the list. Or the well-known Spam, where people either like it or hate it. Why should I be turning my nose up when Heinz decides to put pure chicken in a can?

Maybe it’s the ad. It’s awful. I couldn’t think of anything worse that the possibility of chicken nail clippings in my food. Either way, I prefer a good roast chicken over a can any day.

What do you people think about the concept of chicken in a can?

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the crackfox. said...

... I am so glad there's someone else who thinks the idea of chicken in a can is repulsive. Urgh.

Amanda said...

Stopping by from Lady Bloggers Society "Tea Party" :)

I think that chicken in a can is GROSS. I eat Progresso soup for lunch sometimes and it always has "skunky" chicken in it. Chicken in the can = the same thing! Fresh chicken is 10000% better.

Margaret said...

Actually the concept doesn't bother me that much but your description of the ad is hysterical. I might never be able to eat chicken from a can again!

Just stopped by the the Lady Bloggers Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

Hey don't knock it till you actually try it...I have tried it, nearly puked. But, maybe I just selected the wrong flavour, smoked chicken breast, do NOT buy it!- martins friend miCk.

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