Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Remembering how to use most obsolete gadgets

I usually have a good memory. If I hear an inkling that a new technological device or trend is about to invade to Australia – I’ll snap it immediately and use it until it completely falls apart or becomes obsolete. However, I can still remember how to use years after it becomes obsolete. My short history proves this. Here I go:

When I was Year Three, I discovered Windows 95. Being 1995, my first foray into technology was using Encarta Encyclopaedia to do my homework, playing Carmen Sandiego and marvel the fact that a CD-Rom could hold so much information. Today, I’m amazed that I remember how to use all these products.

When I was 10, I got my first Sony portable CD player. I was in awe of a machine where I could listen to music while I was eating lunch at the school playground, as well as carrying a folder of CDs to listen to my music. Today, even though my portable CD player is collecting dust up in the antic, I still remember how to use it.

When I was 11, I was obsessed with Pokemon and in particular, Pikachu. Who doesn’t find the little yellow monster adorable? Today, I still remember the motto “Gotta catch em all”.

When I was 13, the 90s were coming to an end. Backstreet Boys were popular and I had a huge crush on Nick Carter. I had posters of him in my bedroom and prayed to the almighty above that he will come down to Australia and ask me to go out with him. Today, whenever a Backstreet Boys song is played on the radio, I still remember the lyrics to “As Long As You Love Me”.

When I was 15, my parents finally got a 56K modem. It took three minutes to load up eBay. Songs took about twenty minutes to download. Image websites took ten minutes to upload and downloading movies was impossible. Today, I currently use broadband but I still remember how to use a dial-up internet.

When I was 17, I received my first iPod. The screen was black and white. However, I was gobsmacked when the device had a 20GB memory, holding approximately 2,000 songs. Today, I still remember to use an iPod – even though the little gadget has been upgraded around sixty-seven times.

When I was 21, Facebook bursted into the scene and I no longer needed to manually show to my friends pictures of my recent trip to Melbourne. Today, I remember how to use Facebook – even though the widget has undergone changes than Heidi Montag.

But a few days ago, I had to use a technological device that I hadn’t used since I was ten.
I had to walk downstairs to pick up this device from the antic:

I took it down to the lounge room. A friend of mine gave me a video titled ‘The Big Gig’ video as a gift and I was bursting with excitement to watch it.

However, as I placed the VCR down, my mind went blank. I turned around and asked my sister,

“So, where do you put the video tape?”

Happy reading!


gigdiary said...

I don't understand what you mean....I think my blog mentioned something like this...

Siobhan said...

thats cause VCR's come with a max age, past the age of 14 you can't use one. Happens to the best of us! Though do you remember Sega Mega Drive?? With the top loading 16 bit game cartridges? Those games were in destructible!

gigdiary said...

oh you're a silly billy, you probably don't remember the box brownie....

Sam said...

I LOVED Pikachu also. I had a grey Pokemon shirt that had Pikachu on the front and Gotta cath em' all and the number I think 3 on the back. I wore it everyday that school year. Im pretty sure I got made fun of. :(
I didnt get my first computer until windows 98 came out, never had internet until high school, a bit sheltered yes. Hey I gave you an award!

MelRoXx said...

Hi! I'm from the Lady Blogger Tea Party Social. I really understand what you mean! I love Pikatchu too! x

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