Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Blatant Attempt At Self Promotion

I'm about to do it again!

Feel free to slap me if I become a show-off.

Over at The Punch, I've written an article about banks. It is a topic that most people roll their eyes over whenever they hear that word. I can reassure you that this piece won't bore you.

I can't believe my article is working alongside with David Koch's article about finance! Oh gosh, I'm definitely going to get slapped any minute now.

Another thing, I received an award from Sam on Things, Just Things.

When I first started blogging over a year ago, I thought I would be another blog that was being cool and indifferent, shuffling along cyberspace like a deck of cards. So here's seven things you don't know about me:

1. There was a time where I thought Kindergarten was the only grade in school. This was shattered when I returned from my six week summer holiday and my Kindergarten teacher at the time said, "You're all going to year one today! I won't be your teacher anymore."

As I was trying to grasp this concept, I cried in front of the whole class - because I didn't want to accept there was no such thing as year one. Eighteen years later, I can see how stupid I was.

2. I dislike mushrooms - except if it's chicken and mushroom pide or in pizza.

3. I like the small cases by Pretty in Pink. I have a mobile phone case, iPod case and vanity case in my bag from them. Friends find it hilarious. I prefer to think these as an investment.

4. There was a time where I spent my pocket money on magazines, instead of recess and lunch. I always wanted to read the latest issue of Australian Cosmopolitan - for the witty editor's letter written by Mia Freedman.

5. I love the beach. But I'm always scared of the creatures that lurk in the waters. Australia is a dangerous place, if you're not faced with snakes - you'll be faced with sharks and jellyfishes that wouldn't mind wrecking havoc on your day.

6. I'm currently learning how to play the flute and my cheek muscles are more toned than my tummy and butt.

7. I never understood why people use the phrase "Same, but different". It's useless. It can't be both. It's either the same, or its different. Another phrase I cringe at it's "Definitely maybe". Definitely means you're sure about it. While 'maybe' these days means you're not sure or according to Facebook - you're not going to the party that John Smith invited you too.

I'm going to give the awards to the following people:

Kym Huynh at Kym Huynh
Siobhan at Facets of the Fabulous
Alex at Shut Up Vita
Kate at I'm the worst blogger
Sam at I've never been good with titles
Rob at Go Forth & Blogeth
Gigdiary at Gigdiary

Happy reading!


Siobhan said...

Thats FANTASTIC!!!!Congratulations!!! Loved the Punch article, informative but entertaining. And thank you for the award and the link! mwah!

Another David said...

Thank you!! I'm doing my award post right now :)

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

yay for your article! tis awesome!

i also hate definitely maybe. it makes no sense!

Alex. said...

Aww thank you!! :) :)

Kym said...

Thanks for the blog award Tina. I've never had one before! :-)

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