Friday, April 2, 2010

5ft0 Note: Happy Easter!

Hey everyone!

All I want to say is:

During the Easter period, I'm heading down to this fabulous city:

For this:

I may sporadically come and type in random posts. However, I'll be officially be starting to write posts again on Tuesday 6th April.

Have a happy easter!

P.S - Promise me you won't lose any demerit points during the Easter break. It is double demerit points after all.


Sophie said...

Happy Easter!!

Oh Melbourne comedy festival, how awesome! Are you going to Charlie Pickering - I saw his show and met him, so sweet!

Five Foot Nothing said...

Hey Sophie,

Sorry for the very late response! I haven't been near a computer for the past few days.

I didn't get to see Charlie Pickering unfortunately, but I will definitely do so next year.

I got to see other shows such as The Great Debate, Jeff Green and the up and coming "Capital Punishment". I know we have a similar one in Sydney, but it isn't the same.

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