Sunday, March 28, 2010

The reasons why you shouldn't go to law school

According to my make-believe statistics, 67% of law students across the world studied law for the money. They all want to live at the right address, swanky neighbourhood and have endless amounts of money. My latest observations confirms my results.

In one of my law tutorials, my tutor asked a simple question, "So why did you choose to study law?"

He went around the classroom and the responses were astounding.

"I chose law because I got the marks to do it".

"To be honest with you, I'm not going to work in law in the future. It just gives me a perspective on life".

"I chose law because I get to wear sexy suits everyday".

"I only chose law because it looks good on my resume".

By the end of the Q&A session, my tutor looked like he wanted to get a hammer, nail himself to the oak table, and throw himself into the sunset.

I was thinking to myself why on earth why they chose a degree they absolutely hated. Then, I realised how much of a goofball I was. I could list the reasons easily here:

1. The impression that you'll earn the big dollars as soon as you graduate from the College of Law. This is A LIE. Unless you start your own law firm, you don't earn a lot of money in law.

2. You work hard at school to get good marks to get into law school. Only to discover law is boring, but you don't want to disappoint your parents by giving up on it so easily.

3. Your parents force you to do law.

4. It looks impressive on your resume. It's not great to do law just for display. Also, if you're not going to use your law degree, it's as valuable as toilet paper.

I know what I've wrote sounds blunt - but it is the truth. How many people study law purely to make their parents happy? Or hell with it, studying other degrees or diplomas for the money, and not the passion?

Or maybe it's silly of me to talk about doing something your passionate about, because you've got a mortgage, a luxury car, designer clothes and alcohol bills to worry about.

What do you think?

Happy reading!


Kate said...

I'm studying law because I wanted a career that uses my brain and is sufficiently challenging ... but I'll be damned if the money doesn't help. Honestly, can't fault the kids that get drawn in to a prestigious, well-paid profession. Anyways, both school and practice should weed out the ones that aren't ready to work hard for it.

Why are you in law school, then?

Five Foot Nothing said...

Hey Kate,

I'm currently studying a media and law degree because I'm passionate about both industries.

I love working with people. I love making things happen. I like the marriage of art and business. I want to take creative people and help them relate to business. I want to take business people and help them understand the creative side of the industry.

I like being in the middle and watching beautiful things get created time and time again.

Hope that answers your question.

Anonymous said...

I know of so many 18yr olds who have studied Engineering to only drop out once they realised how much theory and how little practice is involved. Also, to follow up on your money theory, the same applies. I keep telling young people if they want a career, choose the one you're passionate about, forget about the bucks...who wants to be on a career path for the rest of their lives in something they find a chore. If you're going to get out of bed in the morning, make sure its for something you love or gets you excited about!

Another David said...

I don't know, that guy made a good point about getting to wear sexy suits every day...

Chickie Little said...

My parents wanted me to either do law or medicine - typical Asian parents. I ended up doing Computer Science! And I stll can't explain to them what that is...

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

the only person i know who studies law does so because she has no idea what else to do. which is sad, i guess.

my father started doing law at uni with a scholarship but hated it. he only ever did it bc his parents wanted him too. so he dropped out.

Ali said...

my friend did two years of a law degree before realising she actually wanted to be a teacher. I was disgusted at how many people said she was 'wasting her brains' by doing teaching. umm, don't you WANT the world to have smarter teachers?
I study fashion and so many people in the first week said they chose the degree because "ummm I just LOVE clothes!" I'm in fourth year now and none of those people are still in the course. you have to have a really strong interest.

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