Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm being up myself again - another blatant promotion

I know I haven't attended to this blog in a while - but I do have a very good reason for it. Other than end of year exams for uni and partying.

I can now finally reveal the project I'm working on:

I'm just so excited that OntheSOS was launched today. I woke up at seven this morning just to check out OntheSOS. It's pathetic, but I'm excited as a little kid on Christmas Day. I lie on my bed, telling myself to act like a twenty three year old and lay back and not think about it. But I can't resist. My mind was swimming with images of beautiful pictures taken around Sydney as well as my profile. I could picture people looking at my website reading intently, or not even give a toss about it. But I can finally see my ideas coming to life now.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Klingelfuss, OnTheSOS

What are people going to see? My name of course! Along with the other members of the team. But still, I can't contain my excitement at the moment.

Anyway, tell me what you think about the website. To see it, click here. I shall write more soon!

Happy reading,


Anonymous said...

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